How Could This Happen To My 18 Month Old Grandson???

I am so angry i really don't know where to begin...
I keep asking myself, how could this have happened to my sweet innocent little Grandson?

My nightmare began on the 2nd Dec 2012 when i received a call late at night from my grandson's father, asking where is his son. Well firstly i was shocked to hear from him as it has been almost a year since he broke up with my daughter and i hadn't spoken to him since then...He told me the reason he called me was because he received a text message from my daughter telling him that their son was in hospital, but would not say what was wrong or which hospital he was in..

I told him that i assume he is with his mother, but i don't know what is going on as i haven't spoken to my daughter in months because i did not like her new boyfriend..
I don't know what it was about him, all i knew was i had a bad feeling from the moment i met him...

The next phone call i got was from my daughter at 2:06am, she was crying and told me that her son was in hospital with a skull fracture.
When i asked her how did this happen, she told me he had fallen out of the cot onto his head..I instantly told her that it was not possible for him to fracture his skull by falling out of the cot, but i as i tried to question her, she told me she had to go and hung up.

Of course i couldn't sleep, I had a million questions.. But the worst was yet to come.

Early that morning i rang my 3 older children and told them that their nephew was in hospital, immediately my middle daughter told me that she was leaving to see her nephew.

My next big shock came when my daughter rang me from the hospital to tell me of the horrific injuries my grandson has, something his own mother didn't tell me..Of

My poor grandson has 2 skull fractures, swelling, bleeding and bruising to his brain, face, head and neck.. He also had blood clots in his brain, he had a bite mark on his shoulder, split black eye, several fractures down his spine and ribs, large hand print bruising on his thigh and bruising on his arms and legs... And now i am told that his development has regressed more than six months.

As you can probably gather by my grandson's injuries, that he was severely beaten, and the WORST THING IS NO ONE HAS BEEN CHARGED.

There is so much more i want to say, But i am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Sorry this post was so long but i needed to let at least this much of my story out... Thanks...
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May justice be served.

I am so sorry, and I commend you for staying rational through this.Your a very strong person, with a very strong character.
Please do not blame your self for this. Your daughter is looking for someone to blame. And you are the easiest target. I am glad that your grandson is recovering, and safe in the arms of his father.

I wanted to add just one thought. Is it possible that your daughter was also beaten? is it possible that she too has been in an ugly situation? Sometimes, people are in situations, where they are so beaten down, they are not able to deal with their own welfare let alone that of their child's..It does not absolve her completely, but might help explain her behavior..

Again, (((((hugs)))) and comfort..Stay strong. Your dealing with a very serious situation.

so sorry this shouldnt happen to anyone let alone a child .I hope they catch who ever this was .My thoughts are with you hope he survives good luck please keep us informed

Thank you girlcapitol,juliabethsmiles and kat47 for your responses to my sad story about my grandson..
Unfortunately my daughter is not the victim but one of the culprits involved in the beating of my grandson..
I have asked her on several occasions who was responsible for what happened to my grandson and she has repeatedly told me it was her who hurt him..
After having spoken to the detective involved in the case, they firmly believe it was my daughters boyfriend who caused his injuries but my daughter is refusing to say that he was responsible for putting my grandson in hospital..
Therefore she is just as responsible for harming my grandson as the pond scum she is with and chooses to stay with.

I'm happy to say that my gorgeous grandson is now happy and safe living with his adoring father, and is making good recovery...
Needless to say child protection services are involved and have taken full custody away from my daughter...I hope she never gets to see him again...

This has absolutely devastated me as a mother and a grandmother, as i know i could never forgive my daughter for what she has done..
My daughter came to my house this past week as she wanted to speak to me, i refused to let her in, so she started ranting and raving blaming me for all that is wrong in her life and told me that she will be leaving a suicide note telling the world how this is all my fault...

I am so sorry! I hope that someone is charged and your daughter can get herself and her son our of that violent situation. Tell her to run and don't look back! I hope your grandson is able to heal and recover both physically and emotionally....