I Hate It.

I loathe child abuse. I plan to help those who were/are abused as children when I'm older. I also want to help prevent further abuse. It makes me sick. How can a person harm a child? I don't understand it.
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Tell me about it, Miss. So much child abuse is going on out there. Too much of it can send them down bad paths in life. The principal in my school gave me the savage hellfire beating of my life over nothing. Over something I didn't do. Over something someone set me up for. Something I never got to explain what really happened that day. Especially where he forged my mother's signature on the authorization part of the contract giving himself authorization of doing so, making it seem legal, to which it never was legal, which was a fraud, forgery, and a criminal act. My mother never gave him the authority to do so, even if I did do something wrong, which I didn't. I'm thankful it never happened again, though, by him or any other principal of all the schools in the school district I went to. I could even remember when he gave the most brutal savage hellfire beating to this one boy so bad, so many times, the poor boy had to be institutionalized.

me too

Not all people can honestly say this is the reasoning behind their actions. In fact, I am quite certain most cannot. I was bullied my whole life. But do I bully others? **** no. I have learned to stand up for myself, yes. But I never try to purposely put someone down unless they are to my face doing the same thing to me. As in, only if it is in my opinion deserved (which is just short of never). Not all can say it was their childhood as reasoning for abuse. My best friend's parents were abusive and they had a normal upbringing. So what about them? What is their excuse? And my best friend, having been physically, verbally, and emotionally abused, never, not even once, was abusive in any way toward anyone (including her three younger sisters that she raised during the abusive time). And if you're going to ask how she behaves now, don't. My best friend died in a car accident that I, myself, barely survived. I don't mean to come off as mean, if I do. I don't say these things in anger, and not really in all too much protest, either. I simply want to put out there that this is not an excuse for EVERYONE out there.

I am so sorry that you had to go through that and suffered the pain that you did. I can't say that I was physically abused.. but I was/am mentally and emotionally abused by my neglectful father. Lucky mom has divorced him and does everything she can to prevent it. Again, I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I hope things will be better for you, and, in my heart I know they will. I will do as I promise, and help people like you, me, and others. Don't worry. My love for you, all the best, ~PoeticRejection