This Sickens Me

I raised eight girls into adulthood. My partner and I never hit them.

We talked, explained, gave examples. We were parents - we taught.

To think that someone would harm a child because of their own breaks in character revolts me.

People need to remember that parents are people first- with their own host of difficulties.

People with emotional disturbances bring those issues into a parenting circle.

They should not become parents.

retiredmother retiredmother
56-60, F
4 Responses Jul 3, 2009

My children are all a blessing to me. One of them is a summer intern in retiredfather's group. I am proud of her, as I am proud of them all.

And may The Good Lord bless you too.

God bless you.

Some people just don't deserve kids. I had to struggle for 10 years to have kids. I had to suffer through 4 miscarriages just to have the 2 handsome sons I have now. I love my kids to death. Who decided these people are more deserving of kids than me?