Fighting For Jj

I had a 2 year old who lived with me for two years. A stupid judge decided that he should go back and live with his biological mother. Against the advice of the childs attorney. He came for visits on weekends a few months after he moved back wlith her and everytime he came for a visit he had welts, bruises, knots, even whole hand prints in his back. This dumb judge says it's his mom and basically if c.p.s. doesn't do anything he's not. Well, c.p.s. can't find her because she's never in a stable place. Even with about 7 witnesses who have seen her puch and slap the child. I hat people that do this kind of stuff. He was fine when he was here with us. He was happy. Everytime we take him to meet with her to bring him back he screams and fights. He even described how he falls when "momie" hits him and it red(blood). Why does the government issue these stupid judges our money to do nothing?

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I m sorry..wish the kid stayed with u..