Parents Can Be The Worst Kind Of Selfish Idiots

I hate child abuse much more than animal abuse.  Don't get me wrong, I think animal abuse should be eliminated from the world, and that people who abuse animals should be locked up... but the thing is, I've never been an animal (I am an animal in a sense... but you bloody well know what I mean), but I've been a child.  I can empathize with children being abused. 

Parents who physically, verbally, emotionally or mentally abuse their children in the guise of "love" and "discipline" shouldn't be allowed to have children in the first place, and beyond that they're just inneffective idiots.  Think back to the last time someone made you feel attacked and worthless.  Did you feel like cooperating and doing better?

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Some people want children so bad! And they're actually good people but society deems it wrong for them to adopt but some just keep makind children but abuses them to the point of breaking!! WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??!!!

I can remember many occasions when I was verbally 'attacked' and made to feel pretty worthless, by certain family members and I certainly did not feel like cooperating. In fact, it just made me more angry with with them and I just finally lost respect for them!!!!

So true *hug*