My Sisters Molester

My sister was molested at 14 and got pregnant and married to him at 15. 1 year later had a second child with him. He now has custody of my sisters 11 and 12 year old children. The courts know the age he was and the age my sister was. but till gave him custody because in my belief she is now lesbian. but in my opinion i would rather see my niece and nephew raised by the same sex couple then a molester with the chance of this animal molesting them also. now my sister and I are trying to find help getting this out in the open and get protection for these minor children. this story has been on the Steve Wilkos show. And the minor child (female) is showing signs of molestation, She Pees herself, she has anger problems, she shuts people out and then lashes out on them when asked if anything is wrong.  Does anyone know where i can get help? The minor child (male) thinks women should obey him and at age 6 told me all women are good for is sex, house cleaning and obeying the man. Is that a sign?
Paulaerch Paulaerch
Jul 26, 2010