I moved to Singapore like for 4 years. When i moved into singapore I was 12 so l went for a primary school. my new friends were nice but at recess, they told me everything l need to know.
They said to stay away from the malay boy in my class. l asked them why and they told me. They said that in P1, that guy went to molest 8 girls. his class were at the com lab. he was sitting next to a girl. he went to put his hand on her lap and slowly pulled up her skirt. P2, they were having a tug of war. They were soppose to hold on to the person's sholder, but he went to hold her breast instead. P3, even more daring. A p3 girl was in the hall sleeping on a matress. he went up and unbotton her shirt and pulled down her skirt. he used a penknife and cut her bra and panties. After doing that, he licked her vagina and breast. P4, after school, he showed his **** to every single girl in the class. P5, that time there was only 4 P6 girls and 1 P5 boy (him) in the CCA. there were no teachers there. the 4 girls went into the toilet and he followed. turns out the 4 of them were bathing. but one of them left the door wide open. he took out his all his cloths before he went in.He raped her then left.
My new friends said that all the girls he molested/fuc ked, was either chinese or their skin was pale.
So whenever he comes close to me I'll stay away. Better safe than sorry right?
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Sounds like your friends wanted to protect you. Hope he stayed away from you.