We Were Wrongly Accused Of Not Feeding Our Son.

       In February of 2009 my youngest son, who was two and ten months old was taken from us by DCFS. Their allegations were me and my husband were not feeding him and not caring for him properly.He does have some medical conditions; his main diagnosis is failure to thrive, but the doctors at LAC-USC Medical Center still cannot figure out why he has developmental and growth delays. It was not this hospital that called DCFS, but this "therapist"  a developmental interventionist who had weekly sessions with our son in our home> She decided that me and my husband were'nt taking proper care of our son. We had this horrible social worker, who instead of properly doing her job tried to play psychiatrist with me claiming I was showing symptoms of everything from Munchhausen's syndrome by proxy to Bi-Polar disorder. The hospital wrote down in my sons medical records that I have a history of Anorexia Nervosa without any type of evaluation or exam. I am very small and petite (Size one) so the just  assumed it!! Right now my son is living in foster care with my"sister" who is giving us one hell of a fight to get him home.( DCFS generally prefers to place children in foster care with immediate family or other relatives,rather than with "strangers", I guess they feel this is the best for the child) She and my mother who passed away last year claimed that they would work with us to have our son returned to our custody; instead she turned Completely against us!!!She is single and has no kids, yet she thinks she is the expert on children and families because she has a degree in child development. She feels that me and my husband are unfit to be parents and has called DCFS twice on us about our ten year old son who has no medical problems. My so-called 'sister' keeps reporting debasing and derogatory things abut us to the social worker, he reports to the court and his supervisors so DCFS is reluctant to return our son home. I have heard from other parents involved with DCFS that if you comply with the court and social worker your child is returned to the parents. I know of true abuse and neglect cases  and the child has been returned home. But my 'sister' is just a mean spirited and miserable person; I think she is jealous of me and my husband. She does not like him at all because for one he won't take her BS and he is Vietnamese. He also has a disability, partially visual impaired that she is using against him.She has used very offensive and racist remarks about him in the presence of our son who is now almost  five years old and picks up repeats what is said around him. DCFS and the Court is mostly concerned with our son's physical and emotional well being, but what about living in a home where the caretaker is full of hate and jealousy, AND IS AN ABUSIVE ,MEAN CONTROL FREAK!! and and says horrible, and debasing, things about the parents especially the father? (  NOW THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED CHILD ABUSE)  True our son has improved medically with my "sister" but emotionally and psychologically I don't know. When ever we visit with him in her presence there is so much tension it makes both our son and us uncomfortable.Whenever we bring him Vietnamese or other Asian foods she looks at us with disdain and disgust!! I don't know what her problem is, she has dragged this case along for over a year putting us through a living hell including falsely accusing us of using drugs, me having a drinking problem( neither me nor my husband do!) putting us through TWO TRIALS , calling DCFS two times  about our older son so she could try to have him removed from our custody and attempting to split me and my husband up , talking BS to others( including other family members; she even gave the children's court and DCFS information to contact an aunt who was very abusive and cruel to me when I was a child; this aunt locked my in my bedroom for at least 7 hours on more than one occasion!! The reason she gave the court and DCFS this persons contact information was because I was in "special education" when I was a child and this former '''aunt" attended my IEP meeting.I don't know what this has to do with the present , she is just being a *****!! ) about us and going through DCFS reports and reports from others including our Psychological evaluation and using this against us, THEN SHE SAT ON THE WITNESS STAND  AND TESTIFIED AGAINST US AND LIED!! It should be obvious to DCFS and The Children's Court that this woman has a strong bias and Dislike for me and my husband  yet they go along with her BS.  Our family reunification has been terminated because of her, yet the judge has yet to make a final decision, we have seval months to complete the rest of the court ordered case plan. JUST WHAT TYPE OF FAMILY DOES THESE HORRIBLE THINGS TO EACH OTHER?AND SHE THINKS SHE IS THE "EXPERT" ON HUMAN NATURE!!!  Right now we aren't even speaking to her, my husband wants to cut all ties to her and my family once we get out of this mess; at this point I feel this is a good idea, we just need to get our son back in our custody! Is it right that a child should be living in a foster home if the caretaker is full of hate and a racist, even if the caretaker is "family"? (my "sister" lives with my brother and my dad in my parents home) In addition to this mess we also have to appear at the Court of Appeals in Los Angeles  (1/4/2011) to see if we can appeal the judges decision about family reunification and and also appear back at the Children's Court in February to see if the judge will make a final decision about whether our son should come home to us or be placed with that *****! We will fight to have him returned to us! I don't think it a pleasant environment where he lives!! Our next court date is 2/17/11, a couple of weeks from now, the judge could decide to TERMINATE OUR PARENTAL RIGHTS !! AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF THAT SICK DEPRAVED SPINSTER ***** WHO FOR WHAT EVER REASON HATES ME AND MY HUSBAND!! 

I wonder if all of this grief she has caused us makes her feel good about herself?( she is the kind of person who enjoys bringing grief and problems to others and enjoys watching their pain)

Everyone that I know that hears this story believes she is jealous and envious of the fact that I  am married with two children, she is single, and alway has been!!, ANY ONE CAN SEE WHY!! LOL, has no children of her own at all, and has NEVER been in any kind of a  relationship.I also appear several years younger than her, ( I am 44 she is  41.)  She get s infuriated when people think that I am their younger sister!!! She keeps denying that she is jealous, getting very nasty and defensive whenever I mention this, claiming how could I believe that  and I am listening to my husband and our "weird" friends (  As she refers to them, she disapproves of every one that I  know.!!!) As I have said earlier in this story I am very slender and petite,size one, physically active and in good health, she is very overweight , has shortnessof breath, is out of shape and has great difficulty getting up of the floor as well as sitting down at my sons level.

The most disgusting thing about this is our son is caught in this mess, and our oldest son who is home with us, is totally DISGUSTED WITH HER AND WHAT SHE PUT US THROUGH,  in fact he dosn't even want to speak to her, and who could blame him!
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have you tried


also feel free to read my blog

Another thing, my "sister" was has kept close in touch with my cousin who is a social worker for DCFS. My cousin has never liked me, resents my husband, again because he is Asian ( she is an intolerant, arrogant jerk,just like my aunt, who dose not want certain people such as Black people, Asians, or what they label "white trash" and other "undesirable" people around them or even in their neighborhood) I have every reason to believe that my cousin gave many tips and help to my sister to present to DCFS and the Children's Court to make it impossible to have our son returned.
In addition to this ****, my sister kept making suggestions to me, often harping at me the way my mother would, that I should leave my husband ( we have been together for over 17 years!) making claims that he is "abusive" and demanding because I serve him meals, take him to doctor visits and help guide him in dark areas, and other things that a spouse would do, ( he has Retinitis Pigmentosa and dose have some vision), because my cousin the Children's Social Worker (CSW) came to these conclusions just through "observation" and because she ( my cousin) is a "trained professional". So much for them being such "experts" on marriage and family, my cousin recently got divorced, and lost her house due to financial problems, and as I mention, my sister has never been married nor in any conjugal relationship.

Did you ever get your child back?


sorry the waythe systme works sucks to manyuse it just to getback at others and the real issues they never pay attenion too

My mother is the same way, they told me, my child goes with her or else he goes in foster care permenatnly and I won't get to see him . Thats the only reason I let her have custody. Now she is lying against us continually and has generally always been abusive, controlling and dishonest to begin with. They won't let us even know our (probably about worthless anyway) court appointed lawyers name. My mother doesn't care for my son and has made numerous threats of his safetly which now that she has him, i fear she will carry out. Shes sick and she justifies what she does but there is no real justification, just couwardice and saddism. Thats what this situation is about people who are cowards and saddists.

I wonder what makes such people tick, and how do the get off on seeing others pain, especially when children are involved.

Keep in mind that while your child is placed in foster care, even if they are with relatives, CWS gives vouchers, usually cashable checks, and if needed they do give food stamps to the foster family. I had my son taken immediately after his birth just because I had difficulties with my pregnancy and he was born early. They took my two daughters from school because my youngest fell and got hurt at the playground, the teacher didn't like me much and claimed I struck her and tried to kill her. ?????? Wtf? Then, we did everything they asked us to do, yet they didn't work towards reunification in time to save them from being adopted. We couldn't afford a lawyer anymore, and because their sliding scale states we can't get a court appointed attorney, they pulled a fast one on us, terminating our rights and put our kids in permanency unit with the foster family and eligible for adoption. My children were so sad last time we got to visit them, and the new family wishes us not to even try to see them anymore so that they can move forward with their live?!?! My children are now miserable and forced to live with another family no matter how bad they keep telling them they want to be with us. We live in an empty home, with all their old belongings haunting us. We get charged child support where we have to pay the state back for "their services". CPS DESTROYS FAMILIES. INSTEAD OF TRYING TO KEEP THEM TOGETHER AND WORK WITH THEM, THEY SEPARATE THEM AND SAY WE HAVE TO FIT INTO THEIR DEsc<x>riptION OF SOCIETY, and they don't care about how these children feel about being ripped away. They say they are a protective agency, but they are not. They make their money by charging families child support while they are away in another home. Be careful and get a good attorney, work as much as you have to, and do whatever you can to get them back, after they feel you ran out of time to live up to their expectations they will terminate your rights even if the children yearn to be with you.

My "sister" worked right along with DCFS, she knew what to present to them and that court to make it hopeless to have our son returned. She tried twice take our older son ( he is now 12) but they social worker ( finally one who was decent)! found the alligations false. My sister is a very disturbed and troubled person, believe it or not she is a preschool teacher,( or so she claims, she is such a pathological liar, I can't believe too many things she says) She claims she loves children and is concerned for the welfare of all children, but she is very controlling, mean and verbally abusive ( she has always been like that, especially with me growing up,and my mother allowed her to treat me and others with contempt) She has bragged about how she was reprimanded on several occasions at her previous jobs, again teaching small children, for her nasty attitude and behavior with both her co-workers and the parents of these kids. What the **** is wrong with DCFS and childrens court, to place a child with someone like her?To sit on a witness stand and lie under oath ( and she was very blatant about it and quite proud of herself, stating that to me that our child's social worker is such a moron, she could lie and tell him anything and he would believe it), to that judge is really sickening, she showed no remorse for doing wrong, no child should be raised with someone like that.

Im suprised they left your other child in your home they usually remove both children when there is evidence of neglect or abuse. If your rights were terminated don't be mad at CPS that would be the judge's decision, and it's nearly impossible to get a TPR to go through so sorry I have to believe he was neglected.

Sorry to hear :( Your sister must be a positively hateful person to do that to her own family.<br />
<br />
I would get a lawyer who has experience in family law to deal directly with DCFS. It sounds like they have too much power in these cases with no-one to answer to.<br />
<br />
Oh, and by the way, kind and compassionate one, blocking people just because they are vegetarian... is not kind and compassionate. Just saying.

Yes my sister is filled with hate and envy, and thanks for the advice. My reason for blocking some people is not because they are vegetarian, that is their choice, it is because they blocked me. But thanks for reading my article.

Another reason I blocked them, is because they are rude, insulting and nasty, leaving hostile and stupid remarks, and then they block me, so yeah I block them!

When I was in elementary school, I had a classmate whose parents kept their house full of foster children. Sometimes there would be 4 or 5 at a time. They lived off of that. The state supported them and these people used to abuse the kids. They kept the little ones tied to chairs so that they wouldn´t have to look after them. It´s really disgusting.

It is disgusting...DCFS is just horrible, they really don't give a rats *** about these kids, it is all about money and protecting their own ***!. They are such hypocrits. They jumped all over my husband for allowing our son to play video games on his cell phone and PSP, but for the past year,all my son does at that caretakers home ( my so called "sister") is play video games on wii, he has little social life, other than school. He just turned 5 years old in April, to me that is not healthy or normal, but DCFS went along with her and her lies!
It is just a scam for money , may they rot in Hell when their time comes!

True, CPS ( called DCFS in Los Angeles) are really out to cover there own *****!! They claim there concerned with the child's best interest. My "sister" is such a mean spirited and verbally abusive *****; when we do visit with our son at that home, she is almost always in a very foul and nasty mood! Always snapping and bitching at everyone in the presence of my two sons. Most of the time my older son( who is in our custody) does not want to go over there, he claims it is boring there, but I think he hates all of that hostility and bad vibes!! My youngest son( age 4 years and 9 months) says " I want to come home to your house"! "When can I see you again, I want to come home"!(she is also trying to limit our visits with our son) DCFS is concerned with our son's medical and developmental condition. True, he has improved, but growing up in a family where there is so much hostility and tension is NOT GOOD!! I think this should be considered emotional neglect and abuse!! ( My so-called sister has always been a miserable and verbally abusive person; She says insulting and demeaning things to people and does not care about how they feel and even enjoys it if her remarks hurt and makes them feel bad about themselves, she ALWAYS got a sick thrill out of this type of behavior) She feels she is an expert on children and families because she has a Bachelor's Degree in child development; I think it went to her head, she is full of false pride.DCFS generally likes to place children with a family member when they detain a child but that does not mean it is always a good thing. My "sister "has such a horrible personality not too many people can stand her ( I guess that is why she is still single at 41 years of age)!!! A child should grow up with someone who has a kind and compassionate heart!! She stated in her testimony to the children's court that she is on the "same wavelength as our sons, that she can connect to them" Bullshit, I don' t think she can empathize with anybody!! She has too much hate and envy in her. We have done everything this court has ordered for us to do, we pray every day our son is returned to our custody!!!! What she is doing is sick, depraved and disgusting! No child should be exposed to this type of behavior!!!!!!

wow. I hate ppl like ur sister!!!!!! My neice was taken away from my sister from daycare because she put a bead in her mouth while they were there!!!!! FCK child protective sevices. hate them so much!!!!!<br />
They dont protect kids they only rip them away from their safe place and put them with ppl worse then the parents.

you have my sympathy.....2x now they have f--ked me over. What they do is take a grain of truth, like a grain of sand and make a mountain of lies out of it. Once they hate you, you are done. My ex who now has custody of my 2 youngest is a nasty vindictive piece of s--t and honestly i know that while i was not perfect i was never abusive. Due to all this bs not able to see my daughter who turned 9 yesterday.....my bday is today and i always used 2 like that we were one day apart. Not anymore.....too many memories.....I wish these a-- h--es could get what they give out and then they might see how unfair it all is.....<br />
<br />
Oh yes, and i'm not sure if it is the same where u live but here i could make up anything at all about someone i disliked and cps would go and get em. And when they asked who told the lies, all they will say is we cant say.....talk about a one way street!<br />
<br />
all the best...and yes....YOU ARE RIGHT my ex is a racist too and i hate it that my kids will now be brought up like that! <br />
<br />

DCFS and the Children's Court were actually planning to return our son to us this past March (2010). It would have been a gradual transition home, starting with unmonitored visits, then overnights at our home and eventually closing of this case ( although I understand that takes some time), but my so-called "sister" and her Bullshit wrecked this plan! He would have been home by now!!

wow sorry. the state is making big bucks off our kids! upwards of 6,000 per month more if your kid is black or they say they have a special need

DCFS /CPS does target Blacks, Hispanics, people who practice "alternative" or holistic medicine, low income families of any race, multi-racial familes, and children with special needs...they are just so disgusting and they will work along with people like my "sister" to take children from their parents.