Dcfs Believes What They Want To Believe.....

We are in a very difficult and emotional issue involving our youngest son,( I wrote another story, "We were wrongly acussed of not feeding our Son"). They are such hippocrits, they return children to parents that have had some pretty serious abuse/neglect allegations against them in 6 months to a year, they have told me as long as you work with the court and complete the case plan that the judge orders, your child is almost always returned.  The  issues with our son are mostly medical and special needs, but DCFS is recomending terminating parental rights!!  But I guess these other parents don't have a dys functional and weirdo family such as mine working agenst them!!!
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Check out Welfare Warriors in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Pat Gowens. Find the website and call them she has the best advice. I just met with her and you won't believe the level of corruption.

My so-called "sister" is an abusive, mean spirited control freak *****!! She is also a racist ,( my husband is Vietnamese) she can't stand him for several reasons,his race, he is disabled and he refuses to take her bullshit!! I hate the thought of our son being raised by some one like her, that should be considered child abuse!!! My oldest son is absolutely disgusted with her and her patronizing petty bullshit!! WTF is wrong with DCFS?<br />
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* To understand our situation better, feel free to read my other story " WE WERE WRONGLY ACCUSED OF NOT FEEDING OUR SON".

my sister beats the **** out of my nephew. we've all seen her do it. when they took him away from her even though he didn't want to go back she got him back in less then a year. smdh. those people don't know what they r doing

If you feel you are right and the evidence will prove you are right then I say take it to trial- let a jury of your peers hear your case and decide it according to the law. In the absence of a jury you have DCF and the judge interpreting 'the best interest' of the child and totally ignoring the laws! What have you got to lose? They want your children- and will stop at nothing to get them- unless YOU stop them! I have 3 special needs (autistic) grandchildren who DCF is trying to take from their mother and there is NO WAY she or I intend to lay down and die we plan to fight! My best advice- educate yourself! Come read our story- and join our FB cause to make DCF accountable for their actions and force them to do the job intended- protect children... It always baffles me why 'special needs' is automatically perceived by DCF as abuse or neglect... Can it just be they are just special needs... born that way? http://wethepeoplevsctdcf.wordpress.com/

Thank you,SCOTTYBOY123, I'll check that out! I don't know if you read my other story( We were Wrongly accuse of not feeding our Son!) about this case, but feel free to do so, it is pretty disgusting!

this is how evil cps really is. its from a former cps worker. go to http://wadvpress.org/?p=747