Disgusted With The System

On Jan 6th I took my 2 month old twins for a well check up. They were born premature, bc I had preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. The smallest twin I thought may have had rsv bc of a work up of breathing. The pediatrician sent me to a well known children's hospital in Nashville. They told me that my child had a rib fracture and then went on to xray both twins who were both assumed to have healed fractures and the smallest twin with 1 new one. A child abuse dr immediatly called in CPS and had the twins and my 2 year old placed with a family friend. We were told by them if we passed a lie detector we could go home. We passed and still didn't go home. We got all 3 children placed with my parents where they have allowed me to reside for 8 months. We found an expert to review the case not only did my boys have a bone weakening disorder but the child abuse specialist changed the radiology reports! We have been waiting 3 weeks for dcs to make a decision to dismiss our case and they keep post ponening the meeting about it! I also want to mention they have came out 1 time in 8 months to "make sure tthe children were breathing" I am disgusted and fed up and ready to be home with my babies!
Twinsmama23 Twinsmama23
Sep 8, 2012