Cps Is Ruining My Adolesant Life.

back in july i got my government money in vegas for being in the system, dropped everything, and ran to colorado. instead of hiding, i called them and told them what i was doing. suprisiingly they understood how much i didn't like vegas, told me all i had to do was call them every week, and give them an update on how i was doing. i tried to get into my favorite school out here in colorado, but as you know, i need a guardian to get inrolled. cps told my that they could transfer everything and give gaurdianship to my friends parents after backround checks, drugtests, ect. so i could get started, but later when i got a call from my case worker and attourney my case worker changed her story. she said my friends parents can't get gaurdianship, because by the time its all done with, it'll already be my 18th birthday. my case worker called me today and told my that that wasnt said during the conference call, and that gaurdianship was never an option.she also told me that i need to "pay more attention to our conversations" all i wanted was to get my deploma from the best school (in my opinion) and i wanted the deploma to say COLORADO SPRINGS. but now im going to be stuck in vegas, as a freshman in school simply because my credits out here wont transfer.
ihatecps ihatecps
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012