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well it all started when my oldest child was two years old and me being a very concerned mom I took him to the ER, Because he decided to eat some medicine he shouldn't have. The very next day CPS came to my door and had a full investigation on me. A year went by and I had my second son, and I had them called on me again because my oldest sons school call because they had found a few bruises on his legs and then another investigation happened. Another year went by and i had my daughter and i had taken my oldest son to the ER again because he ate a quarter and the hospital had to surgically remove it and the Hospital call CPS and another full investigation happened. And then again today my second sons school had called me to tell me that they have found one bruise on his leg and they wondered when it happened and i told them he is a two year old he trips falls and bumps into things and he and his older brother fight, so it is not uncommon for him to have bruises, the next thing I know is CPS is at my door to launch another full investigation. In my mind don't they have anything better to do then to bother a mother who is trying her best to keep her children safe especially when my childrens ages are 4, 2 and 8 months old it is not easy for me but I am dealing with it. Now you understand why I hate CPS and I with they would all go to Hell and go bother people who really deserve it.
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yes that is true but i have dealt with them since i was two years old because i am adopted i just feel like they need to just leave me alone already.

I am sorry you hate them but theyhave a job to do yes your kids mayhave been hurt by accident kids do that and i am sorry but many do it on purpose so they have no choice
and many really do need a course in manors as they act like they are god