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Life Of Hell

This is our story. Yes, we still have our daughter but they admitted they will take her on any means.

I'll start from the beginning. Hubby had a job downstate and would be gone for 2 weeks. I don't have a license and as a result went to my mother-in-law's just in case I would need to go somewhere with our 1 year old daughter. We informed our neighbors since they are the caretakers of the property for the landlord who lives in another state. To our understanding, he had no idea what was occurring. The neighbors lied to him from day 1. Little lies beginning from we didn't mow the lawn when we did practically weekly to every other week. This took it to the edge.

The home was gross. In our state, we were supposed to be notified of the lead paint covering the bathtub. But we never got the pamphlets. Our daughter almost had lead poisoning (a 9.3 whereas a 10 is poisoned). The windows were covered in plastic because they were broken in some way, except for 3; the 2 in the living room and the one above the kitchen sink. We were instructed we could be kicked out if we opened ANY of the windows. The home literally would get over 130 degrees in summer. One of the 'working' windows leaked because the person who built it over the summer didn't install it correctly. There was mold upon moving in...nice for a woman with extreme morning sickness at a couple weeks before her due date to have to clean up. There was gas leaking in from the pig somehow so we had no way to cook. We kept the gas off and it still leaked 60% of the tank within 2 months. One month a couple teenaged kids tried breaking in our home - luckily we came home at the minute they broke the door and we scared them off. The door wasn't able to shut since then, so we kept it 'shut' while opened a good couple inches by using the chain lock on it. We do have a police report on that and the 2 15 year old boys were caught. Oh yeah, the home was infested with bugs and rodents...the informed us AFTER signing the lease. We were also informed AFTER signing the lease that the neighbors were allowed a key to our home. There were holes throughout the home upon moving in. Yes hubs made a couple and we made some moving furniture in (most were from that). But most of the holes were not from us. The wires were faulty, but landlord's electrician said they were fine. We had an electrician from the company come out and he said outside fuse box was a fire hazard and inside could be and legally needed updating. In our lease agreement we were not allowed to fix it ourselves or even have a professional. Landlord refused to fix all the problems (he did replace the stove after a whole year). I think this is all.

Back to the story, once we were gone, the neighbors changed the locks. We didn't realize it at first because hubby had lost all of our house keys so we had been putting to use the broken door that no one would fix. When they realized we were still around, they put up a sign INSIDE the home saying we were considered violators if we returned (nothing had ever been approved by the court or court ordered). We didn't know any of this at the time. So we were trying to contact the landlord over this and due to a sick pregnant daughter overseas, he went to her and was unavailable most of the time. When he returned, he ended up getting sick so naturally didn't want to deal with anything. Once they put up the sign, we of course refrained from going to the property. We had everything in there. Everything. Someone ended up breaking in during this time. They trashed the home...broke windows, mirrors, ruined the walls and doors until completely useless, pooped, peed and puked everywhere. For our belongings, when the neighbors found out we called the cops, they trashed the house (threw things everywhere) and took pics saying they were from various times of the year. They were only in our home TWICE the entire time we lived there. If they came in any more than that, they are admitting to breaking and entering. Don't get me wrong it isn't like our home was absolutely spotless but according to a former foster care worker, it wasn't deemed unfit to the point to take our daughter away.

When we called the cops (a total of I believe 3 or 4 times that day), they said they couldn't do anything unless we were on the property. They were throwing away our belongings or keeping what they wanted (they had set aside instruments that weren't even ours, my jewelry [only one expensive ring in it] and our games) and told the landlord we willingly abandoned the property. First off, who would willingly ditch EVERYTHING they own especially with a BABY involved? Second off, they left out that they made us leave! They were stealing our mail and even called in to places lying about things saying they were us. We found that out the hard and unfortunate way. At this point my brother drove by and they told him they had a court paper stating we are not allowed on the property, including anyone there on our behalf. They were supposed to be delivered to us, but of course they were only real in their minds! I had went to a lawyer that day. He said legally they can't touch our belongings without an eviction notice and even then they legally have to store everything, even a poopy diaper. There was never an eviction notice. So when the cop showed up, he claimed he wasn't allowed to give us his name or any info about him. We asked him ourselves for his name. He straight up called me a liar in a few different ways. Also claimed there was no way I talked to a lawyer and he was lying about the laws had I really gone. He refused to take any of our statements. He called me a bad mom for having my daughter out at 9pm. He said she deserved to be in foster care over it. (We were there at 8 and on the dispatch it said he'd be there within like 5 minutes if my memory serves me correctly). We do have 2 witnesses to this night (other than the neighbors). He also was conveniently a friend of the neighbors. They knew we were coming and had asked his help...they admitted this the next day to my hubby. They also admitted to setting us up and hoping our baby would be taken away. The cop allowed us only 2 hours to get stuff that we could and had to have the neighbors there so if they didn't want us to take it, they could say so. Oh and he never seen any court documents saying we weren't allowed there but said it didn't matter since we're just a bunch of stupid kids anyway and deserved this. He refused to take any statements from us as well. The night ended in threats...he said if we went after him in court for any of how he behaved in general and towards us on top of against the neighbors for all the illegal things they did, he would personally come find us and take away our baby no matter what county we were in or if he was off duty.

We got lovely visitors 2 days later, and every week for the most part since. They told us at the sit down they had to open a case (even before seeing us this was decided). I don't know if it was officially opened at the time, I don't know when it was ever official. They made it clear due to me being in foster care 3xs that I was considered high risk. Also hubby's mom had 2 claims against her but her children were never taken away and she was found innocent, but this was also being used against him. They did threaten us, claimed if we didn't comply they could get paperwork stating they could take our daughter. So we of course did whatever they wanted. The complaints against us were abuse/neglect and living in a disgusting home. So we showed them our room and they admitted that it was exceptionally clean considering we have a baby. They also said they can see with her personality she is obviously not neglected and since she was only in a diaper due to heat and a recent butt change, they could see she had no marks on her.

But yet they still threatened us and felt a case needed opened. I can't remember every threat but I do remember some. One they said they hope to catch me breastfeeding to use it against me saying I was subjecting my daughter to sexual abuse. A few of her pediatricians she sees have said to continue breastfeeding her as it is her main source of nutrition still. At this time she was 15 months old. They've admitted to spying by parking nearby and watching the home or even peeking into our windows (all this without our knowledge and knowing they'd never get our consent). Just today when they were supposed to close our case said had we not been staying were we have been they would have taken her and still would...we are supposed to be buying a trailer and it makes me worried that once it is officially ours, they will come take her. Yes we are technically homeless but while we are waiting to officially buy this trailer we have been staying with family or in a hotel. We aren't stupid enough to stay in our car (they had hoped we'd admit to staying in it for even one night so they could take her). Due to losing us 3xs, I've been told I'm not allowed to have my daughter around my mother at all. She already shared her story on here and if she wants to admit to who she is she can comment below...I've also been told I'm not allowed to have contact with my older brother because he has Asperger's so therefore shouldn't be in any child's life. How is that fair to him?!?! Oh, I believe in following the "attachment parenting" lifestyle for the most part. I don't go completely all natural, for example we have been getting her shots at the doc. But I do co-sleep. There are reasons for this, when first born I was on bed rest and was told I couldn't even pick her up. Hubby worked nights so as a result, she slept with me and yes safely. It isn't against the law so if a CPS worker finds this, haha to you! Anyway, she suffers from night terrors. Not night mares. BIG difference. I sleep better with her with me and not elsewhere. This has been working for us and is the best option for us. CPS says I better start enforcing that she sleeps in a crib or playpen or they have the right to take her away. I think this is enough to describe their threats.

So our case was supposed to be closed today. They had to cancel because they were taking 2 kids away from their mom from living in the woods behind a local building. You would think we shouldn't know this; but then again they share all of our info with a friend of mine, a former CPS worker. So they decided to reschedule for the exact time and day as our meeting with the guy for the trailer, so we can make arrangements to own it and finally move in. The current owner already made it known he doesn't want CPS there, and I don't blame him (though he doesn't have any kids to lose). He doesn't really want to know our business and has to hurry at the meeting to get back to work. This makes me worry also that they are wanting to be there because so far they are the main reason we're still homeless (more threats on how we weren't allowed to live at places, had an excuse for each one previously). My friend, the former CPS worker informed me there is no need for them to ever see the house if the case is supposed to be getting closed. This has him slightly concerned as well. He was also baffled as to why they felt the need to come literally every week except 2...and one week they came twice.

I have been typing for a while and think this about covers our situation. I've been dealing with a sick little girl also and she is really wanting kisses right now. As I have learned, that is more important than typing away at the computer seeing as I'm lucky I still have her. I hope everything is clear as it is really late at night and I'm tired (hoping my little girl will agree it is time to go to bed haha). I'm willing to answer questions as honest as possible and reserve the right to not answer if I feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry for what has happened to most in this group and really truly hope one day you all get the justice you deserve.

JC (and hubby)
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Oh to add (figured this is quicker than editing), hubby wants people to know he chose the title LOL.