Attention Michigan Residents Against Cps!

My 17 year old daughter, who has a 1 1/2 year old, is dealing with an overzealous CPS worker  herself in Eaton County Michigan. I plan on helping her with her fight. If anyone is aware of her rights when dealing with this evil being, please let me know.

Here is what I found. I Googled all night tonight finding a source to file a complaint. This is information that is hidden from the public, but I found a contact point for the whole State of Michigan in their headquarters in Lansing. Mail or email complaints to this individual:

Ted Forrest, MGR; Children's Protective Services; Michigan Dept. of Human Services; Grand Tower; Suite 510; 235 S. Grand Avenue; Lansing, Michigan 48909

I also found:

Steve Yager; Office of Family Advocate; Michigan Dept. of Human Services; 235 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1512; Lansing, Michigan 48909

You can also contact your local county's coordinator (who is 2 steps above your CPS worker's supervisor). Just go to  and click on your county for their name and address and email address! By the way there are underscores between About_the_Program and between County_Pages in the email above.

There is power in numbers!

My daughter's nasty CPS worker is Jackie Most from Eaton County. If you have encountered her please let me know!

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Update- Steve Yager, cross him off. Do some research on the Michigan court case Dwayne B vs Snyder. Interesting information that may be off some use. Children's Rights, Inc out of New York City, NY represented some children in our State that were failed by our system in Michigan and some changes were made as a result of this case. If you feel you have been treated badly, the caseworker is corrupt, your child was put in harmful placement, then this advocacy group seems to be a great resources. Their phone number is 212-683-2210. Fight for what is just made right.

Sorry auto correct changed some words around, but you should get my message. I am the original poster.

My children are in foster homes come to find out my daughter got a huge goose egg knote on her head with two black eyes cps was called on the foster home but never investigated the incendent so my son come to a unsupervised visit with me during the visit i notice a bruse under his eye i said to the foster parent my son has a bruse under his eye how did it get there she replyed kids getts bumps and bruses the same nite she emailed the case worker and said i gave my son a black i (i never did this at all i beought it to her attention bevause i was conserned)she turned it around on me now i have to have suppervised visites over the foster care lies .my daught was in the home a got a goose egg knot the foster care lady waited 3 day befor taking her to the er she also had to black eyes cps was called never even investaged this case just let it go i found out this in court yesterday but foster care said my son said i slapped him and was allover me over this which i never did anything to him he had the mark allready when he came for the visit to see me thats why i asked why he had a bruse under his eye when he went back why would cps investigate this but not my two yr old daughters two black eyes and a goose egg knot on her forehead that neither one of the foster parents knows what happened and how she got and then waited 3 days before taking her to the er to be seen .the day they took her to the hospital called cps and the caseworker did nothing was even checked out about how she got the knot on her forehead or black eyes or the knot on top of the head that is still there 5 weeks later.

Please read my update response dated today Feb 3rd, 2016. ❤sunshineskyway

I am and have been dealing with Cps for aver 13 years. Somebody please tell me how a "parent " and a step-parent and I use the terms very loosely, can get away with mental abuse on two teenagers? Father told his kids that they can shoot people with him. He drinks and then drives with them in the car. The step-parent screams in their faces, "I hope you start crying", just inches from their faces and with no reason for doing it. She is unstable at best. She listens in on phone conversations with my children and even starts pushing buttons on the other end so me and my children can't hear eachother. She calls them awful names and they are left home practically all night ever since they were tiny children. She harasses the 16 year olds girlfriend on Facebook. The police wanted to pursue charges against my 13 year old for driving the cars and trucks unsupervise constantly. They are constantly told not to talk to me and father threatens to hit them if they say anything to anyone that they would like to have more time to read books. They buy one child school clothes but because the oldest one chose to do a band requirement (he's been in band for 5 years and is the drum major ) he has to go without. They are told that if they say anything to anyone that they, again I use the term loosely, father and step-parent would ship them off to different parts of the world and they'll never see eachother again.

Not to mention that fathers sister murdered her 4-year-old foster child. Yes, she was convicted. Other nasty then 7-year-old was molested at father's mothers home. My then 9 year old pulled this boy off if my son. Father took showers with both boys at the same time and fondled my boys in their private area. You know what cps told me? Father can bathe historical children however he wants!!!! REALLY! !! Shame on this county and the people who say they are here to protect children. Not in a million years.

There's so much more it would take a book to tell it all. I have written every Congressman; Senators, Attorneys General, Lieutenant Governor, Governor and even the President himself. They all just blow it iff and say that I need to go back to court. The problem with that is that no one here cares either. It's a no win situation for my children and I'm sure they're not alone.

What is wrong with these people in Osceola county..Michigan? I have to laugh at the ads that say , let's end child abuse. They couldn't care less!

I will try everyone you have put on here.

Delia Marrs

Please see my updated response from today Feb. 3, 2016. ❤sunshineskyway

Thanks so much

UR welcome. ❤sunshineskyway

I'm doing a documentary on cps jake at luckybeach74 Dot com

Hi I am interested, where is cps jake located? I have issue with cps Jacob Regan in Kent County whose common sense is lacking and incompetence rampant.

I don't doubt that unfortunately. I hope the issue has been resolved. If not please see my update posted today Feb 3, 2016. ❤sunshineskyway

Check out the Dwayne B vs Snyder and the head of CPS in Michigan in case if you haven't already! Good luck with the documentary. Represent us proud ❤sunshineskyway

Before you praise any of these CPS workers or DHS employees what you need to know is they lie. Get a copy of your complete case file. When you find that is next to impossible - get a lawyer. Get your state Senator and Representative's office to act on your behalf. We have to let them know that our government has lost their mind.
What I found is that the following people had either committed fraud or received documents to show that proved that fraud was committed and through this fraud CPS worker Melissa Schirmer tortured a family by kidnapping their minor child. A boy's father self-confessed his intent to neglect his son. The father told CPS worker Melissa Schirmer that he wanted his son put in foster care. With malicious intent and forethought she held a team decision meeting without ever inviting the mother who had visitation, yet came to the mother's house to pick up the child during visitation. The mother had the case file expunged and obtained a copy of most of the case file and found a lot of State employees either acted as accomplices to Melissa Schirmer during the process and/or after the fact. As well the parent e-mailed Attorney General Bill Schuette - who has a public integrity unit that is supposed to eradicate this type of corruption, but to date, has not told this parent that they would investigate or do anything to assist her in amending her file to correct the fraudulent statements. This parent called then Director, Maura Corrigan and told her she was calling about this kidnapping, only to have Maura pawn her off on her assistant. This parent talked to or e-mailed Directors Seth Persky, Steve Yager (he knew about the fraud Seth Persky committed because he was on the e-mails and did nothing), and Jennifer Wrayno. Jennifer stated she had reviewed the file and that the State did nothing wrong. Funny, how Kim Sanford on the same report to Cynthia Travis stated Melissa Schirmer did not see the child she kidnapped until she took him into custody on 1/27, then stated less than 5 lines away that Melissa saw the child on 1/11 and 1/12. Cynthia Travis could care less. She had a document with Kim hanging herself. So contact Prosecutor Kim Worthy - nope - did that - still waiting for it to become important enough for her to respond. Funny, because Donna Pendergast in Bill Schuette's office says it's Kim's job. Kim is too busy prosecuting parents for the 5th time to deal with a statewide conspiracy to cover up the kidnapping of a child by their case worker Melissa Schirmer. All of the people who have either assisted in the crime, were notified of the details of the crime or know and have not reached out to this family to assist in getting this matter rectified are: Bill Schuette, Donna Pendergast, Cynthia Travis, Melissa Schirmer, Kim Sanford, Director Seth Persky, Vernon Hines, Director Jennifer Wrayno, Maura Corrigan, Kim Worthy, DPD Police Chief James Craig, Annie Ray, Denise Smith, Stacie Bowen, Demetrius Starling, Jerome Rutland, Mr. Washington and Director Steve Yager. That's only the ones I can recall off the top of my head. I'm sure I could find more if I had the file in front of me. Do you notice I listed 3 Directors - they report directly to the Director for all of the State of Michigan. It's an epidemic! Dwayne B. vs. Snyder is real. They will kill your children if you don't stop them. Melissa maliciously tortured my family by kidnapping my son and no one cares enough to do anything.
Get a lawyer - a good lawyer. Jennifer Wrayno even advised me to do so. She's so corrupt she can't trust herself. She said she reviewed my file and then when I pointed out where she was still reciting the error in the file as fact she got mad and stated she was adopting Seth Persky's response - which was something to the effect of - I had nothing to worry about the report was destroyed. Imagine my surprise when I received it in the mail last week. The file was about an inch thick. These criminals will lie, commit fraud, go to court and commit fraud all while holding your child hostage and then make comments like - the respondent called me a *****. What should a respondent call a kidnapper - a friend? Well, I don't know where that flies - but I'm not into fiction when you start messing with my children.
Don't believe me - Follow me on Twitter @maxhardy_author. Join my campaign #SnitchOutGovernmentCorruption. Join me on FaceBook - Max Hardy - I have the picture of the Renaissance Center for my profile.
Trust no one in that office. They could care less about you, your children or their job. They have broken the law for so long unchallenged and now supported by 3 Directors. They may kill your child in custody if you give them the chance. For 8 years they were under supervision by a Federal Court judge based on Dwayne B. vs. Snyder. Mind you while under supervision, Directors Seth Persky and Jennifer Wrayno were engaging in fraud to cover up the kidnapping of the child by Melissa Schirmer. No worries, because the federal judge's supervision did not involve the public being able to let her know what was really going on. It was DHS self reporting on the progress they made. Guess that self reporting stuff doesn't work when the governmental agency is chocked full of criminals from top to bottom. I am going to pursue Leila's Law where we stop allowing government agencies to self report and self investigate. True balance involves checks and balance and I will be talking to this state's legislature to change the policy. There needs to be a true institution which checks and balances this state's government. Follow me on Twitter and FaceBook - it's time for the people to have fair, just and legal government and someone needs to check and balance this band of criminals and lock them up. All of these mandatory reporters never reported Melissa Schirmer. She retired and you very well may be paying her pension.

Thank you for the information! I was just posting about that court case on here as well! Children's Right's who represented the victims could be a great resource to contact about continuous corruption.

My wife and I are going through the same issues are one daughter is 3 weeks from being 18 are youngest daughter is 16 with child they have placed them in foster with uncle over hearsay from mother in law no proof mind you and the judge in Oakland county hallmark listens only to the CPS the worker is Kim sanders never did they ask any questions to me or my wife they just did what they wanted 4 months have gone bye they have drug tested us both clean do understand that CPS is the number one child a users in the entire world and 6 times more likely to get abused or molested in foster homes than there own home I'm wondering how this whole case is gonna effect my children but your right there evil and corrupt go to google (the truth about CPS)

My name is ken my wife Rustie we have been dealing with CPS for 4 moths they have placed my one daughter who will be 18 in 3 weeks and my youngest daughter who is 16 with child in Oakland county worker Kim sanders removed my children over hearsay no proof the children have a lawyer appointed from the court talks about them like he knows them for years, he never even met them the judge don't want to listen to are side at all the drug tested both of us we are clean they have us jumping through hoops in hopes we will get are children back but instead we are admitting are guilt it's crazy I can go on the point , there evil, corrupt and you have no constitutional rights something must be done Google (the truth about CPS ) this will send shivers down your spine did u know when get married it's you your spouse and the state of Michigan read that part

It's been a year. I hope all is well. I did update some information today if you still need a resource for help.

They will purposely place children in homes that will adopt.
I found this out first hand from one of my foster parents.
I was in foster care for years. It was easier for them to get my children that way. I got pregnant at a young age and shortly after that got put in the system.
After having my first child, my case worker informed one of my foster parents that she was going to get my child no matter what she had to do.
Me being so young and against the system on my own they succeeded.
Luckily almost 3 years ago my two children were found.
They both are happy and healthy.
I could go on and on with my story probably could and might write a book about it lol.

It's well documented that adoption cases have increased significantly in our State!

I got same thing in lake county mich. Now they are trying to adopt my children out.

I hope the issue has been resolved. Please send an update.

Hi, my name is Danielle. Currently dealing with CPS. My husband has been forced out of the home after an allegation was made by my stepchilds mother whom was trying to win custody. The caseworker whom conducted the investigation has completely overstepped her boundaries. She has lied about information, (including our interview statements, petitions she's given to her supervisor and judges, and testimony in front of the judge), she removed my children (4 & 2)from myself and my husband for an entire weekend after I requested she set up a meeting with our lawyer to discuss the case further (she lied stating they were in imminent danger and said she'd tried to contact family to keep them out of foster care) She picked the children up from their grandparents (family care, right? The ones she supposedly couldn't get ahold of) and placed them into two seperate foster care homes, in two different counties. Both children came back covered in bruises and sick (2 year old developed hand foot and mouth) and I filed a report with cps about that.... They told me nothing could come of it because it wasn't anything (despite pictures showing the injuries) but still continue to try and control our family and keep us apart. No one has contacted us in a month. Judge had ruled it was to the discretion of the caseworker on whether or not my husband could come home and she has blatantly said she does not like us and she will not work on bringing us back together. She has done the exact opposite, trying at every turn to keep us from even doing supervised visits together and threatening multiple times to revoke parenting time if we continued to ask why we couldn't work on being a family again. I do not know what to do anymore. I've written several people with no response. It is completely heartbreaking to see how many families are being bullied and ruined by this system. Amanda Peck of Grand Rapids is the caseworker we were assigned. My family and I are praying for everyone who is and has been drug through this horrible system.

I'll pray for your family as well Danielle. I have seen it with my own eyes the lies & deception of the ones who call to make false reports for their own gain, and the overzealousness of CPS over he said/she said things. I have had several responses in the past few months which concerns me. Why is it getting worse, and why aren't there any checks/balances on over abuse of power? I wish that I could catch a windfall & set up a defense fund for the innocent to help protect families that do not deserve this.

I pray for everyone suffering unneedlessly as well. Please post an update. I hope all is well.

We are "rehabilitated" in the courts eyes. My husband was charged with 4th degree child abuse and spent a month in jail. We got the caseworker that had started all of this fired. Officially were reunited as a family at the end of November, to where my husband was able to move home. 2 months prior to everything ending with CPS, the mother of my step son reached out to my husband saying she was really sorry for everything she did and wanted him to be in their child's life...... went into court requesting visitations for him, and we are now able to basically see him any time we want, and she continuously states how my husband didn't do anything, and how good of a father he is. Over a year away from this child and he came back to us, not loving, barely talking, and quite frankly, you'd view him as a child that was not being taken care of. We are almost 6 months into seeing him, and he says "I love you" all the time, constantly gives out kisses and hugs, is super happy every single time we are together. I am thankful that this nightmare is over, but completely lost all faith in the system that should be intended to keep children safe. Thank you for thinking of my family and myself. We went through a lot, but our love kept us strong.

That's so sad, but I'm glad it's over. It really is a nightmare! Thank you for the update Danielle.

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How about Steve Holmes from Child and Family Services in Lansing mi who forced me at 22 not knowing my rights to sign off and then he took my son into his home to raise him and wow the things i have uncovered are just things you do not speak of horrible accusations

I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you. I am familiar with this agency. I have only heard of good experiences with them, & I have known past employees. CPS is the agency in my eyes that can overstep boundaries/truths. I am disheartened to hear that a community agency set up to help the public like C&FS may have had an employee with past transgressions.

I'm doing a CPS documentary me jake at luckybeach74 dot com

How is the documentary going anyways? I would love an update.

Thanks for this help I'm in wexford dealing with Samantha Simmons. and theres lady Micah they act high class and are predjuiced against single moms

You're welcome, & I completely understand. I initially posted this a few years back when my daughter had an overzealous CPS worker called on her . I am so glad she fought back & took it to court here in Lansing. The judge made this CPS worker & her immediate supervisor look like a couple of imbeciles. But anyways I hope the contact information that I initially posted isn't too far outdated.

steve yaegers office is a joke. It is there to look like they are helping and you just go in circles. Get a lawyer and sue. Only chance.

CPS likes to pick on single & poor parents. Most cannot afford to hire legal counsel. My daughter filed for a hearing to go in front of a judge here in Lansing and won. This is without counsel. My best suggestion is to keep a log with dates & times of everything. Get letters from any trusted professional (doctor, school principal, etc) to support you. Fight it!

Oh & sorry if he wasn't helpful. I posted the best information that I could find on the internet a few years back.

My situation is I am a victim of the state of Michigan and CP's for not doing their job to protect me from my mother... She is a crack head a drunk and is violent.. My father fought for custody and provided photo proof of the environment and the drug abuse. The judge denied him custody because he was a truck driver. CPs visited me at school in 5th grade and I had told them about my mothers drug problems.. I was left with my mother and now suffer from trauma, BPD, extreme anger and depression. I'm 21 years old and my therapist wanted me on disability at the age of 19 because of my emotional and mental disorders. As a result of my mothers neglect I was raped at 14 by strangers, molested as a child, and all without a care. I want to sue. Cps and the court system of Michigan for denying my father custody, cps not doing their job, and as a result being diagnosed with the some of the most contemplating disorders. Its so hard to want to be normal. Hard to work, hard to have friends, and hard to have a relationship. Its hard to want to die everyday and have scars on my arm that were self inflicted as a teenager that make people judge me. Homelessness has been an ongoing problem since I was 17 and lived in a flop house with a 25 year old man who physically abused me. Because of my mother my life has been hell but she's so perfect.. A "god fearing Christian" who will go to hell for abusing and neglecting her duties as a mother. I deserve to get my life back that the state of Michigan stuck me with.

My heart goes out to you. I can definitely relate to some of the things that you've been through. If you would like someone to talk to, or to listen, reply with your email address & I can private email you.

I know how you feel im going through. the same thing

I too am looking to sue the DHS system for failure to protect. Please let me know if we can work together - going to legislators, finding more "failure to protect" victims - I am a licensed therapist in Michigan and have tons of info on the effects to the brain and the functioning of children being left in these situations. Unfortunately the courts hate therapists - because they are so uneducated on this subject. I think a class action suit would be best.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I would love to help, but do you know where to begin?

Horrible. Social workers are not educated properly. They are only willing to make sure that the person paying them is happy. They know if not they could be removed from employment. They realize that most people are being attacked that speak up about DHS's problems (so workers cover their but when wrong and blame the families) and the others are left in homes abused because the workers don't want to go there where drugs and serious crime are actually happening. One told me it's Okay that African American families spank their kids, it's a culture thing. WHAT? It's only good for one subgroup? So if you live in a downtown area you can basically beat your children. I watched a woman beat her child (a worker slapped an adopted child across the face) her own, we've all seen the judge on tv that beating his handicap daughter while judging others... We are paying the bills and do not need judging. I think if we are going to question anyone about parenting, then we also need to do a random spot check on all government employees and go into their homes and question their kids, extended family, social workers and their families. We need an independent company (privately owned and not connected to government in any way or they will be fined 10 million to any families that work with them) to investigate these people that taunt and judge the rest of us. They should be spiratically checked and if anything is found "REGISTRY". That's how they treat the rest of us, so why NOT.

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I can try to do it alone but I NEED YOUR HELP

please contact me. 5178998610
There needs to be a movement, history is made everyday. Lets stand up for what this system does to families, the people do have power.

You are awesome! Thank you for posting your contact p# to help others & stand up against this.

Last year my life fell apart. My husband and I lost our home and my parents wouldn't let him come stay with us (his said they didn't have room). So I had to commute to a different city everyday for work. I took all three of my kids with me to get two of them their vaccinations before dropping them off to daycare so I could go to work. I was irritated because my oldest then 3 was not doing what I was asking, my two year old was running around the examination room and my then one year old was being super fussy and fidgety. Apparently this doctor I had never seen before filed a CPS report against me which we later closed but one of her allegations was that my two year old's jacket was "too big for her age" among like ! I don't dress my kids by age, I dress them by size and she had a round middle so she was wearing a bigger size. I was really stressed out but if I was late one more time I was going to lose my job and I had less than an hour to get across town to the daycare then work. Family Health Center was taking forever to get anything done and I was getting irritated with them not having respect for my schedule when I had arrived on time. I said something to the doctor and she had the nerve to tell me rudely "Well then maybe you should have scheduled something for a different time that was earlier in the day". After she told me she was filing a complaint to CPS I lost it-yelled at her for accusing me of being a bad parent when I was stressed out wasn't fair. I left without getting the two kids their vaccinations (which she added to the report I found out later-medical neglect because the kids didn't get their shots when I was there).

About a week or so later my husband and I used our tax return money to buy a house. Me and my big mouth I told the realtor I was so excited to get a house because we had lost our home and my husband was stuck sleeping in my car and all I wanted was for our family to be whole again. When the cost of the house was a few hundred dollars out of our reach she suggested that sometimes agencies like CPS would cover the cost. I got scared and told her no thank you. She made up some bogus complaint to get them involved so they could "help us". CPS may never reveal who registered the complaint but based on what the guy said we knew it was from her. When the guy showed up on our property as I was coming home from the grocery store I had lots of bags to take in and he kept insisting he come inside the house. My husband wouldn't let him in and asked him to politely leave our property and that he was trespassing. Since the case was never officially closed we can't get them off our property! Every once in awhile they still show up. They claim the only way to close the case is to see inside the home. We have nothing to hide of course, but after reading how they determine a home is unfit for the children I'm terrified to let them inside! For example, eight dishes in the sink is considered a full sink of dishes which they consider neglect! The last letter I got from them claimed that there is no proof of child abuse in my history (because there isn't any. I don't abuse my kids). But this morning there was someone knocking at my door again. I'm sure it was them because the last worker was driving the same vehicle. I wish they'd leave us alone.

It is the worst thing to deal with. The most corrupt section of the government in my opinion. I pray things will get better. Just keep fighting.

I know how they operate. I am terribly sorry you have to deal with them. Eventually they have to close the case if they have no evidence. There is nothing saying that you have to let them in.

By law u dont have to let them in bring the children to the door and let them see there fine but dont let them talk to them and dont let them in . Inform them they have been warened about tresspassing and tell them the next time the police will be called and document dates times and who it was

People lets stand together. lets fight and change CPS, either shut them down and start a new system!!! I am ready to change this government with the power of the Lord we can do it! Please call if you have the same mind set. Too many families are being torn and I couldn't even describe what the children go through. Contact me at 5178998610


I would like to get involved and believe that is the only chance we have to change this system and not let cps get away with what they do. I will call you in the next few days but now have to type a brief synopsis as to what happened to my daughter and how her kids were removed to my lawyer and who ever else I have to write. Very sad that they can get away with out even being accurate on their reports, etc. If we could form a group and go to the news, maybe that would help Cindy 586-296-1192 Macomb County

My situation is a bit different dealing with the CPS system of the state of Michigan. It has been in multiple counties as well. I had been married to a man that had custody of his son whom was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. After visits with the biological mother it was apparent that she and maybe others were sexually abusing him because what he was telling me and how he started acting out sexually. After multiple CPS reports nothing was ever found out and nothing was done to protect this child from his mother. There is still a court order giving her visitation. To make a long story short I divorced my husband so that this child who is now a perpetrator could not hurt my own children. CPS is not doing a good job in protecting children! And the fact remains they are highly paid government workers who get away with what ever they want to practically.

Maybe if they weren't burdened with having to investigate so many crank calls to anonymous tip lines, they'd actually be able to do their jobs and stop intruding into families where their presence is not needed. Accusers should be held criminally liable for making knowingly false accusations and face fines and incarceration and pay restitution to their victims.

please anyone i am in desprate need of help, my 12 year old son has been accused of sexually assaulting my two younger step children ages 6-4 by my husbands exwife i have done more than prove she made up the alligations by the email she had sent stateing there was no physical abuse and that she wanted my husband to sign off of his children this has been a nasty custody battle between the two of them, she has called my son a ********,baby raper childmolester she has even threaten bodily harm to my child as well, i have requested for a medical exam to be done on the children and child protective services has refused they have even removed my children from the home there has been no evidence other than her word and her 4 yr old telling child protective services that her mommy told her what my son did to her as well asshe instructed the children to assault my son i have even had a judge in hillsdale michigan even state he didnt need no evidence my son was guilty in his eyes i cannot get a lawyer to even back it up nor patiton the courts for any type of medical records we even have a recorded conversation of her stateing she was going to punch the counceler in the face cause all she was doing was letting the children play when they would go to a counceler the only reason she is even doing the counceling is cause judge smith order her to i even provided a letter from my son counceler stateing she did not see any sexual activity or sign from my son and yet cps is still running us through the ringer someone please help

This agency is supposed to oversee CPS, but turns a blind eye to what is really going on.
I talked to the Michigan liason today. I am appalled by her uncaring, snobbish attitude.
She admitted that CPS is not allowed to take a child without a written order SIGNED by a judge, but nothing can be done when it does happen. When told that my child almost died in "protection", I was told that children die in foster care all the time, it just happens.
I was also told that instead of exercising my Constitutional Rights, just give in. By exercising our rights, we are hiding our guilt & we deserve to have our children removed.
Even the Federal Government id telling us the Constitution does not exist as far as CPS is concerned!

Irene Carilla

Angela Green

National supervisor for acf:
Molly Peterson

Please have your members call these people & let them know how corrupt CPS, as if they don't already know, but don't care!

I am sorry to hear you had to go through this. It is hell, but do not let them win. The Central Registry is a joke. I would appeal that as well. Keep any records that you can. You will go in front of a judge if you appeal. My daughter had to do this.

Call Scott Parrott 517-335-3960
Family Advocates 517-373-2101
Call Maura Corrigan, Director of CPS 517-373-2035
Call Governor Snyder 517-373-3400

CPS accepts anonymous complaints, illegally violates parent's and children's civil and constitutional rights. They also assume the parent and child are lying during the illegally held interviews. They also claim that the material gathered from these interviews can be turned over to law enforcement to pursue criminal charges against the parent, but claim they do not have to read Miranda Rights to the parents.
I am concerned that CPS feels justified in trumping federal laws during investigations. Parents and children are told that if they refuse to conduct the interview that CPS can take custody to force the interview. CPS also assumes that the parents and children are lying, so they can take "emergency" custody without a court order or evidence to prove the accusations are true!
CPS and the courts do not consider the emotional trauma inflicted on the parents and children when taking children away from the parents; children's emotional well being especially! Mandatory reporters can hide behide the mandatory standing and can make falsified accusations and know they are protected from prosecution. Even if the complaints turn out to be untrue, CPS has no desire to investigate as to why the accusation was made.
CPS even uses previous unsubstantiated complaints as evidence of neglect, even if the investigators believe the complaints to have zero merit. CPS also allows an investigator to sit alone with a child even if the investigator is a middle aged male and the child is a teenage girl. This violates federal sexual harrassment laws, but is allowed under state law. This also allows CPS to make claim of statements by the child even if the child never made them, or allows CPS to withold any statements the child does make from their report.

My teenage daughter was visiting a friend for a week or so. She started to complain of a sore throat. Also her insulin cartridge cracked, rendering the insulin useless. I called her doctor to have an emergengy cartridge provided, but on the way to the pharmacy she became disoriented and was taken to the hospital in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). While in this state she told the ER staff that she had not taken insulin in over a week, didn't know what day it was and that her doctor had told her to stop taking her insulin. While in ketoacidosis, the statements can not be taken seriously. However, the ER staff ignored the last two statements and called CPS to make a complaint. An endocrinologist would confirm that statements in ketoacidosis can not be taken at face value and that a Type I diabetic can not live a week without insulin. The hospital staff refused to do a test for a cold or strep throat, which could very well be the reason the wound up in the hospital to begin with. CPS did not bother to confirm these facts. They also thretened to take immediate custody if my daughter and I chose to exercise 4th and 14th amendment rights and refuse to talk to them without a court oreder or an impartial witness on my daughter's behalf. My daughter stated that the negligence did not exist, but CPS chose not to provide this statement to the court and also claimed that my daughter lied to protect me, even though CPS had no evidence to that fact. Two days later CPS showed up without a court order and two local police officers in tow to take custody.

While being "protected", my daughter was refused her legal right to be at the initial preliminary hearing or the first family planning meeting. She was denied insulin for 5 1/2 hours by CPS because the doctor had not supplied enough insulin initially, but denied that they had committed negligence! CPS also refused to take her to the hospital when she stated that she felt she needed to go. My daughter had already graduated from high school, but was told by CPS that she would be forced to attend school becuase CPS does not have to obey state law and recognize har diploma; even though the governor, state legislature and the Department of Education recognized her home school diploma as a legal document verifying her graduation! CPS also denied her access to a phone or computer and did not allow her to leave the house unattended. CPS also told her she had to show the foster caregiver taking blood sugar readings and injecting insulin, to which my daughter refused. My daughter also told a foster care worker that she was not happy at that house and she was told she would be placed in a residential home with several girls where she would more than likely get beat up every day. This is how foster care "protects" our children!?!? This same worker also refused to tell what services they offered then told my daughter that I had refused any services from them.

After 13 days the judge ruled that there was no probable cause and returned my daughter home. I am concerned that if there was no probable cause, why she was taken in the first place. Since then two other complaints came forward. One repeating the original complaint word for word and the other saying her diabetes is out of control. CPS feels there is no evidence to even investigate these complaints, but said they would keep the case open beyond the allowed 30 days, just in case her diabetes became worse. I have had about a dozen complaints made against me, all ubstantiated, but are being used in proving that I am not a good parent. My name may be on a Central Registry for abusive parents, but CPS refuses to tell me if it is, even though state law requires them to notify me BEFORE placing my name there and even though all complaints are unsubstantiated, they can place my name there for any reason. This could prevent me from getting any jobs working with children- teacher, coach, etc.

Please investigate CPS for wrong doing and have them expunge my name and my daughter's name from having been in CPS custody and please help me get legal representation to pursue a lawsuit against CPS, the police, the hospital and the state and help my daughter get financial compensation for the emotional trauma and medical neglect at the hans of CPS. Please help make federal laws to protect the Constitutional and Civil Rights of parents and children and establish a way to have thses laws enforced to keep children at home rather than being taken first, then allowing CPS to gather evidence.

Attention everyone who have been or who are victims of CPS. I am writing our congress and other state representations, president now and anyone who would like to join this petition to have CPS workers in the State of Michigan Investigated, feel free to contact me immediately at my email listed.

It's time for action!

My name is becky my heart goes out to all who has been a victim of cps i wont share my story now it would take all night lets just say i have been dealing with them since 2005 my kids were illegally and wrongfully stollen from me they have suffered abuse and neglect since in care i will be happy to sign your petition i am looking into a lawsuit now, thanks and God bless

I need some advice please. A long with many others i see im not the only one going threw this nightmare. i took my 6 month old to the hospital in the beginning of march for his asthma long story short this is where hell began. they found a healing rib fracture and also said he had a fractured tibia and questioned me about it. I honestly replied I DONT KNOW. My son has never been dropped nor has he ever fallen off of anything. he never had any bruises or swelling and never acted like he was in pain. Long story short.. cps got involved moved all 3 of my kids out of my home and with a family member. My boyfriend and I voluntarily met with the detective took polygraph tests which we both passed. my son underwent a bone scan that revealed he NEVER had a tibia fracture only showed the one rib fracture that was healing. The Dr also stated that my son could have sustained this injury from coughing when he had bronchitis. These ppl put me on a central registry for child abuse before they even had any evidence of anything. My question is WHY and HOW can they continue to keep my children out of my home when i have proved my own innocence?

I hope you are done dealing with that agency. Appeal Central Registry through your local DHS.

What county are you from? My family is dealing with Ionia Protective services and they are trying to say my 9 month old granddaughter got out of the house went down three steps and was crawling down the road in a onsie but yet had no marks on her. this was turned in by a neighbor for revenge. If I were you I would contact an attorney.

Anyone know of attorrneys willing to hepl a single dad in ypsilanti township with a cps kidnapper case worker trying to take my child for not giving her my babysitters info ? Their wording is noncompliance ... I never hurt my child or her mother but the mother told them I abused her and so they opened a case . I've given drug testing specimens and had to go through counceling already and they still are saying I'm noncompiant . They are horrible people and they lied when the supervisor told me I didn't need to give that info a week ago and they had a meeting to "close my case" but when I arrived they said they were going to motion for removal of my child ! I need help . I have an attorrney already but want all help I can and info available to fight these people !!!

I do not know of any at this time. I wish I did.

This reply is my opinion. Personally from my experience and the research I have done, my suggestion is take you and your child where they can not find you before they take it. You are fighting organized crime. Eventually you will be found but maybe you can get help from somewhere. You may think it will make it worse but i tell you they are above the law until pulled off the Perch..

Thank you so much for all of the responses. I believe CPS has way too much power. Unfortunately, many times it is over the ones who do not deserve it. I am very thankful for all of your testimonies and I am still here to offer a shoulder to lean on. Sunshineskyway

Why do we as parents have less rights than criminals in their hearings? It doesn't make sense and can we force it to go to a real judge where real constitutional rights are upheld. And it's inocent until guilty not so and so said and I believe them so you must be guilty lets put you and your kids through hell. And lets all remember it's the kids that hurt the worse. Mine have been home a 2 months and are so afraid of being taken away they won't even sleep in brand new beds they'd rather be on a hard floor in our room. That's sad. They want every possible minute with us because they know those butt heads ( I want to use a really stronger name) Satan's minions and satan himself. don't get me wrong they do have a place but not in my home. I see people physically hurting 1 and 2 year olds yanking arms and legs to get them on busses cussed at told they are no good and to shut up. And they leave them alone. but because my husband takes a drink after work which is legal for a 52 year old man and not drunk, never hit any of us they take my kids. They got their f in priorities completely f ed up. Now I got a brand new worker wet behind his ears, no kids of his own hell no life experience if he ever had to pay a bill to make sure he ate when no one else would feed him i'd die because it's not true and he's going to tell me how to raise teenage sons. It's such a joke. They need experienced workers not only with this work but with life. He tried to tell me the other day my youngest was having trouble in school. I said sir no disrespect but there is not one thing you can tell me that my children haven't already they will not and should not trust a government bureaurocracy before their mother and father who've loved them and cared from day one. Do they really think they know more than a caring parent. I have so many officials their officials telling them this and they refuse to believe I'm at the end of my rope and hell hath no fury like a mother scorned and hurt children. I am a cougar, lioness, bear. and I'm about to bear my teeth and sharpen my claws. I'm done with yes sir no maam they will pay personally of course within the limits of the law wink wink

Thanks for sharing. Stay strong and pray! Let me know if I can help in any way.

The Drink after work is JUST an Excuse..... The real reason is because they have targetted you.

good for you!!! They have been a pain in my side for years but always able to fight them off. They made us move from home state because my mother illegally brought children across state lines and turned them over here. My lawyer said I could do nothing and had to plead guilty to nothing or all and if it went to trial it would be years before I'd even see them. so I gave my rights to a trial up now they want me to pay for therapy that's outrageous more than twice a house payment. I hate them and want all to burn in hell along with attorney referree, case worker, and above all else foster mom who abused my mentally ill son. I'm so mad I can see nothing else. Retribution will be mine.

I am a former CPS Investigator. I only lasted less than a year, because I have always been, and continue to be, a defense attorney. Don't let CPS ask another ridiculous and harrassing question. Call me. Let's shut them down.

Click on my website and get your peace of mind.

My website is

Sorry, the above comment did not allow for any links. If you want to do a search for it, just look up Defend The People and you'll find me. Let's fight back together. You need to know you're doing the right thing. They need to know that we are not playing games.

Thanks so much!

Please call Me i have a big story for you of abuse to me and my family frome the system!!!

Defendant(s) xxxxxxx xxxx is being sued individual at her personal capacity and at her official capacity as and as a Child Protective Service worker for the xx xxxxx County, Department of Human Services. She is an individual and a resident of this jurisdictional district. She is a state employee and was at all times material, pertinent and relevant hereto, employed by, xx xxxx County DHS. current mailing address is; xxxxx xxxxxxx This Defendant has/had a duty to insure that children and a family’s rights is/are protected/afforded by and through the United States Constitutional Rights and Laws. She is to be held personally and officially liable, by and through her being hired by the xxxxx xxxxx County Department of Human Services. See; O'Donnell v. Brown, 335 F.Supp. 2d 787, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 18976 (W.D. Mich. 2004)The Defendant was in fact, acting under the authority or color of state law at the time these claims occurred in that while in her official capacity as a social worker for, xxxxx xxxx County Human Services her execution of, Department of Human Services’ “customs” and/or “policies” were the moving force behind her unconstitutional acts, and that personally, her individual unconstitutional acts violated the clearly established constitutional rights of the Plaintiff(s) of which a reasonable official would have known, Davis v. Scherer (1984). In addition, acting personally and individually she did act under the authority or color of state law when she acted in concert with other local officials, to deprive Plaintiff(s) rights and acts of racketeering. Her coconspirators are including but not limited to,xxx xxxx County Human Services social workers, their supervisors, county attorneys and others, causing harm to the Plaintiffs in effecting the deprivation of rights under Title 42 USC sec. 1983, Dennis v. Sparks (1980), furthermore the Defendant(s) constitute an illegal enterprise in her acts and her threat of acts in violation of Civil Rico Federal Racketeering Act USC 18, 1961-1963., The following are her particular violations to Plaintiff and minor offspring(s) Rights that caused by reason of this Defendants’ the outrageous acts, these acts perpetrated by Defendant(s) xxxx xxxxxxx have and did cause irreparable injury and damage , emotional distress and physical injury and mental anguish, including but not limited to bodily injury such as stomach aches, sleep loss, feelings of worthlessness and increases in medication, feelings of depression, anger, and irritability and appetite loss, accordingly Plaintiff is entitled to relief under 1983 cause of action and Rico violation, hereby stated relief sought against this Defendant at her personal capacity and at her official capacity set forth right hereon ;

Not sure what this is. Can you elaborate please?

I understand completely, my daughter is in Michigan and dealing with Eaton County also over false accusations that her two youngest father made against her and he has never been involved in these childrens lives at all, drugs and jail was always his priority!! I was told because I live in Texas the children could not be placed with me so now they are placed with grandparents if that is what you want to call them that do not want these children. Oct 31 my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy and the day she was to be released they state was there waiting to take him from her also. My daughter was ******** of her constritutional right to a jury trial to prove her innoncence and the State of Michigan might as well plan on getting their pants sued off for this, Like you I plan to do whatever it takes to make sure that justice is hers.

Well, I hope she is done dealing with them by now. I really feel for her. They like to pray on those they consider week, with no support system. It's funny they even ask in their questioning if they have a support system. Let me know if there is a way I can help. If I ever win the lottery, I will definitely set up a defense fund.

I agree with that...these bastards get away with ruining kids life for too damn long,,,we need to fight together and fight back.

I am dealing with a cps worker from lansing,MI and her name is Nicole DeCelle. She is a woman who has no kids so she doest know how it feels when your child is taken away from you. People like this shouldnt beable to work unless they have kids, so that they would have more compassion for people going thru some things. CPS is out to ruin lives and we all need to fight against them.

Life experience must be a prerequisite for this job. Not just college and personally men should be out. foster parents should also have to do random drops just like us. Mine picked my sons up hitting curbs, swerving, smelling of alcohol and halls (supposed to cover up smell) I had no choice but to put my children in that car or I would be charged with kidnapping. That's more than screwed. Their houses should also have surprise inspections, cages, and inappropriate things to discipline children can be put away in hours. They can show at my house anytime and go through my garbage. Foster parents should have the exact same scruitiny. p.o

I hope you are done dealing with them as well. I apologize for the delayed response. I completely agree with you. Keep in touch and let me know if you need anything.

CPS in Battle Creek Mi, is out of control they took my 4 kids including my twin babies that is over a month old. The courts has shut down my lawyer with a motion and move up my court date. I am so sad right now.

I am very sorry. I hope this has been resolved and you have your children back. Let me know if I can help in any way.

I will be praying for you please pray for me

Cps in Grand Rapids MI, are the nastiest cruel, unlawful, demeaning, liers. They want money for their own use!! They destroy healthy wonderful families, and put children with anyone who Is willing to obtain a foster care license! They all need to be prosecuted for cruelty. They will have to answer to the big Man for what the do, or what they don't do!

God will have retribution. Keep fighting you will eventually win. If you don't use or do anything that caused them to be taken in first place.

I agree with Godsvegence. They are mostly evil and karam will be theirs for the ones who lie and deceive.

I so agree with you. My daughter and I had a run end with those idiots and I would love to be a fly on the wall when those people get their Karma.

recieve another call in six months and raised her eyebrow! This is not right what these LIARS< KIDNAPPERS< MONSTERS do and They cant tell you who called but according to the United States Of America Constitutional Rights The Ammendments we do have the right to know what witnesses are making allegations against us!!! Monroe MI is full of corrupt CPS and DHS agents!

school and I only admitted that he was with a friend at the pool and left for 5 minutes to make them something to eat, So, she comes back to my residence and its spotless, food ibn the fridge and asked would I be willing to take a drug test? I said why? You have no evidence that I am doing anything wrong nor I havent had police contact regarding my child. She said Oh its just in case someone else calls and we can say your clean,and your history. I said NO I wanna speak to an attorney and thats my right she says well call me in 2 weeks. Nope Im not calling her. I feel like I am being HERASSED and crucified because of my history! aND YOU HAVE PPL BEATING AND NEGLECTING THEIR CHILDREN AND THEY DO NOTHING!!! I WILL NOT BE BULLIED BY THESE PEOPLE. Then she went on to inform me that if they rec

I hope this has been resolved by now. I know exactly how evil they are.

I am strongly against CPS! my son was taken 3 years ago for non-supervision and abuse of a presc<x>ription drug! I got him back in 4 months in which NOONE ever accomplishes that, CPS didnt know what to do! I followed everything on the case service plan and yet and still they tried to make up more bologna! Just recently i had a arguement with a co-worker who called CPS with bogus allegations sayin I was smoking marijuan in front of him, He never went to school, unsupervised at the pool in which I asked them did they smell a marijuana odor they said no, I told them I smoke cigarettes and they said we dont even smell that I said because I dont smoke in here, When they came he was in school and they called the school who confirmed that he did go

I know, they did the same thing to my daughter and she got my grandson back in a flash. She fought them to the end, including a hearing in front of a jusdge here in Lansing. They dropped 2 of the 3 accounts. They knocked her for the 1 account where they considered her homeless at 17 because she did not live with me?! She was never homeless. Anyways, I hope all is well now.

Oh that God will raise up a standard against this evil corrupt system that is damaging our most innocent and making them victim's. It is now well documented that children removed from their homes are for the first time mentally,physically and sexually abused by the state.It has been said if every child that grew up under the state were to sue for would gut the social services. Innocent families are being devastated by cps..lied about.slandered.destroyed.In essense cps is nothing but an organization that is into child profiteering..every child removed from parent's pay's the salary of the cps worker.The longer they can keep children away from parent's the more they get from government. This HAS to stop..if more ppl. held these atrocities accountable the safer our children are.Imagine the fear instilled in those children removed from loving parent's that are returned that lay awake at night in terror listening to car's drive up fearing that someone will rip them out of their bed's and steal them from their parent's. It's called cps.

I couldn't agree more!

My husband and I have guardianship of two of our granddaughter's. One of them is 12 and one is 2 we have had them both since birth. We are trying to get custody of our other granddaughter who is not a year old yet. She is in foster care in Alabama. However, we were denied by Ionia County DHS for placement. The worker, Tyler Armstrong said we did not disclose all of my husbands criminal history because we forget to mention a semi accident he was in, in 1996. As I explained to Tyler it was an accident and a part of our past we try to forget. Tyler calls us untrustworthly in his home study. I am trying to find a way to file a complaint against him. He had many mistakes in his home study report. He had our son as our oldest daughter's bio daughter. What a moron. He had some other info wrong such as our address and who was present at the time of his home study. He said we are good parents and our granddaughter would be well taken care of and is best to be raised with her siblings. Then in his conclusions denied us because we forgot to mention a semi accident. Talking to him on the phone was pointless. We are now working directly with Alabama and trying to get our granddaughter through Probate Court where our other two granddaughters are through. Probate Court thinks that Tyler is being unreasonable.

I hope you now have guardianship. I see it now has been a year.

I have been throught this process fought for three years and lost my parental rights this last september. I was dealing with the livingston county cps and had no case worker in charge of me and my kids for almost seven months the judge found that the dhs had completely failed me but then turned around and didnt give me a extension to finish my ppc. I was terminated four months after the dhs was found in non compliance. I was a victim of domestic violence i had never hit my kids abused them or neglected them in any way dhs was never called to my home i gave guardianship of my children to my mom to keep them safe and somehow ended up in juvenile court two years after they had moved in with her. My cps workers name was jessica paperella shortly after this case was closed i found out she had been removed from her position and sent to a different department but i was never told why. They split up my sons taking my guardianship away and giving custody of my oldest son to his father at the age of eight when he had only met him four months before. my son was also diagnosed with asbergers since this transition my youngest has been diagnosed with ptsd he is seven. they say it is due to the seperation he has gone through with his family. If anyone knows anything i can do or anyone i could talk to to try to overturn this decision i would be grateful my mom has a hearing with the foster care review board to try to get my son back with her due to the fact my abuser is still stalking me to this day and no one has done anything about it and i dont want my children put in danger someone please help

i had the same case worker. they gave her a new job she was my case worker then i got a new one. youcan always appeal the decision in lansing i would suggest a lawyer. i know there hard to afford myself got the most incompetent lawyers out there. hopefully my case is closed at the end of this month. they are trying to remove their fathers rights right now which i dont want. i got my kids back after 5 years when they finally found out i was telling the truth it took an outside company to look at their own records. but the case remains still open even though its their fault they didnt listen. livingston county doesnt say sorry or ever give up. i was right and they will never admit it. they put my kids in a unsafe home and it was in their files. they are just selling kids legally. its an epidemic and will help and fight with any of you to make them stop. lets all sue the bastards they are hurting our children.

Yes the cps is indeed a national disgrace, but they have so much force in effect behind them - from the many who havent been victimized YET and who roll like stupid cattle and say MOO when their neighbor is foreclosed, or the household de-patriarched, or their progeny swindled away - to the dedicated and modestly paid court system hacks who are in spirit so alien to true community and family, that one could almost imagine viewing them through special sunglasses as an alien species altogether.<br /><br />
Take a HARD LOOK at your family circles, friends, neighbors, associates, and community at large. TELL THEM that NO GOVERNMENT EVER made ANY country great. WE THE PEOPLE made this country great, and that government only controls, regulates, polices and stifles creativity. If they then shrug you off for disrupting their morning buzz, or if they scramble to find some hotline to report you to - THEN THEY ARE AMONG THE MULTITUDES of parasite bureaucrats or their lackeys who put on a jew mask and make careers of gutting their fellow man. <br /><br />
So so so many people work against what is right. The tremendous division in our people has become unignorably staggering. <br /><br />
Napoleon CHOPPED THE HEADS OFF OF AN ENTIRE CLASS of controlling elitist bourgoese pigs, cohorts and all - and notice TODAY that France isn't mentioned much in the 'cps' blitzkrieg across the west. So no kids stolen in France? They purged that elitist body politic long ago, and have apparently eradicated that spirit from their land FOR GOOD. The motto of the revolution was 'fraternity, brotherhood and equality' - thus French so-called socialism differs from OUR ELITIST kennedy clintonesque american royalty socialism. <br /><br />
YEAH ! When they killed the king, they REALLY killed the kingship for the centuries - and the ***** queen too ! Back then, if you werent of the bourgoese elite, then you were probably of the servant class. Regardless of race, servants were all house niggas. The 'mauster' of the house or business could have their way with your spouse or children and you had no recourse, because you were just too poor or stupid in their eyes. WOW ! Just like today with the elitist socialists who menace us. <br /><br />
So think about THAT you foster parents - you useful idiots of the scheme. You pay for your margin financed mcmansions with government perks to convert into owner operated orphanages - with children STOLEN from parents who simply can't afford to fight your corrupt elitist system.<br /><br />
And if you aren't the 'useful idiots', then we can assume you to be willing participants in the crime. Perhaps you drive by trailer parks, or a humble cottage or non-conforming architecture and you SCOFF saying ''how can any kids live like that''. You look for something wrong with the place to report - trying to bag some more kids to pay for your noisy group home.<br /><br />
LIKE I SAID - THE LINE IN THE SAND HAS BEEN DRAWN. And it doesn't matter if I've known you for years, neighbor. The gestapo I.R.S. of the 70s and 80s employed you elitist bureaucrat parasites to terrorize main street small businessmen to make way for the big box 90s. But that was just the independents vs walmart cosco. But to STEAL OUR CHILDREN ? ! Now we the people are JUST PLAIN MAD ! <br /><br />
There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping and we will REMEMBER YOU ALL FOREVER - - from the faggott mamas boy cops who make dates of providing armed escort to the angry feminist lesbian cps workers on their child grabs - raising the bar to AGGRAVATED kidnapping - to the robo-judges and prosecutors - to the elitist brand 'graduated dependency' socialist work preachers and mentors in our local extacy rave party state teachers colleges - OUR EYES ARE ON YOU ! ! PEOPLE WAKE YOUR NEIGHBOR ! ! Everybody RISE UP ! ! HELLOOO ! ! THIS IS OUR DAY people. RISE AND SHINE . . .

The people are catching on. Thank you for sharing.


I wish I could help. Someone needs to get this organization in check. They abuse there power and treat the children they are to be protecting like garbage. They ask the kids to be adults, or act like an adult, but only when we tell you. This effects the kids....they want there input......but if it does not secure the workers job...then they don't want to hear it. They ask the kids questions....but only hear what they want to hear and only present that in court. You can contact me and I will tell you my story with Oakland County CPS. I wish us parents would get together and file a lawsuit for our children against CPS.

I am in and willing to support any lawsuite and plan on filing one against my previous cps workers

I can't stand Julie or any of them for that matter; but Julie Nelson Klein us the fakest, can't stand her.

I am stongly against putting a child where they can be harmed, wether it is with the natural parents or foster parents. If your daughter truly loves her child and will most honestly never do anything to harm her child then se must fight with all her might to keep her child safe, even if it means going into hiding with her child. I too have read a lot of nasty things about CPS and I know she CANNOT win against CPS in any court. <br />
<br />
Check out this page:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
And also in that page click on the square that says Why and view the documantary that it has.<br />
<br />
Please protect your grandchild!!!

I am an avid parental rights advocate/activist and if you want my help, you can contact me at If you'd like more information, links, anti-cps groups you can visit my<br />
anti-cps blog at There's plenty of others and if you'd like those links, email me any time. I wish you lots of luck. They are THE most corrupt organization known to man. You might also be interested in a Class Action Lawsuit. Brenda Alexander