I have two friends who are both amazing, i have known one for nearly 4 years (friends A) and the other for nearly a year (friend B) but i love them both loads. Recently everything has been perfect with all of us, no two faced nastiness. Up until friend B asked me to go on a holiday with her other friends and because we all work together it is impossible to all get time off. Friend A originally said she cant go on holiday because her boyfriend wants them to save money but once friend B suggested a holiday, friend A did as well and now neither of my friends are speaking to each other and i am being sent on a guilt trip. I said i could do both holidays and now friend A is saying she doesnt want to. What should i do in this situation? Should i go on holiday with friend B or not? any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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First off. Don't feel guilty. There are many reasons for this. The reason you shouldn't feel guilty over this is that it's THEIR fault they cannot accept the possibility you may choose one over the other. In fact, any "real" friend should have the ability to accept the possibility that they are not 100%. In other words, YOU should choose what you want to do. And if the other can't accept this and/or gets mad at you for said choice, they are not ready to be your friend. Love us the ability to accept any and all rights and wrongs in any given situation. Once again, you shouldn't feel guilty, but feel sorry for the person who isn't ready to come out on top. There is no such thing as too honest. Just let me ask, who do you really want to go with? And yes, there is also the option to deny both of them. But chances are you will find this "wrong and harsh." I won't force you to chose, but if you don't, both of your friends will begin to eat at the relationship you built for sustenance. The human mind is biased, at the core, and will do anything it can to maintain that. None of this is your fault. But if you don't pick soon, it will be. Personally, I'd ask them WHY they were acting so childish, but like I've learned before: The human mind is a biased machine. The only thing left to do here is just choose. No regrets now. Just smile and brace for the worst. I do apologize if this isn't your ideal solution for this problem, but there isn't much more you can do that won't end "badly". I'm sorry.

This helped a lot, thank you so much. So in depth as well. I made my choice and it turned out i had though but thankfully my friend got over it (kind of). Thanks for taking your time to reply. Much appreciated. x

No need to thank me! Just smile! ^_^