You Know Who You Are.

Go away.

•  If you like children, this group is not for you, so go away.

•  If you are here because you want to stir drama because you don't agree with the stance of the people on this group, go away.

•  If you are here just because you want to follow me around EP and be a drama-llama, go away.

•  If you are so insecure that you have to become condescending, insulting or strident just because you can't handle an opposing viewpoint, go away.

•  If you are here to try and shove it in our faces that you like children, go away.

I hope that puts it into the simplest possible terms.

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5 Responses May 15, 2010

They should all have plastic bags to play with.

I agree. No one can make me like children.

I have come to the conclusion that when people become defensive about how wonderful children are and "you'll change your mind once you have one (argh, how I hate that line!)" rhetoric starts to spew forth, is they are trying to convince themselves that they made the right decision with having children. Or, they no they made a mistake, but it is too late to correct the mistake, and, well we have heard it before, but, misery loves company.

Thank you, ZephyrSin!! It makes me feel so much better to know that there is someone who won't think I'm evil, immoral, selfish, maladjusted, etc. for not wanting to have children. As for all those people who "shove it in your face" about how much they like children, you tell them that if they are really so concerned about the welfare of children, they will realize that kids deserve parents who actually want them, not parents who had them out of begrudging obligation due to familial or societal pressure. Children deserve parents who are kind, loving, and patient. Even normal childhood behavior makes me very distraught and angry; I don't have any patience for it. The only way I can ever like children is as long as I'm not their mother, not put in any kind of a maternal role, and not responsible for taking care of them. If I were, then I would hate children.

i used to hate children. when i accidently got pregnant, i was worried i wouldn't like it when it was born. i guess maternal instincts kicked in, and when he was born, it took me a little while to bond with him. i ended up having 4 more. they're adults now, they're my loves and best friends. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS FOR YOU. i strongly support your views. i understand them. i'm sure your life is full and rewarding without kids. plus, like me, you love cats!