They Are Bad And Just Want To Make Life Hell!

Now I have 2 kids, see you all probably wondering why I'm here because I have children. The fact is that I know how stressful and the bare of pain kids can bring. I love my kids but the truth is that I really wish I could just send them back from once it came. That is why i cant stand when I see other moms in a store with that screaming kid and they will stand there and ignore the damn kid instead of telling them to shut that mouth of theirs. When I go in to malls or restaurants, I try to leave my kids at home, because I already know I would'not enjoy a meal or shop when they're there. The is that I'm not here to knock any of you if you hate kids, the way I see it, it's your right and you have that right to express it. Sometimes I think about the hell I won't be going if I never had them.
laketta laketta
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Thank you and yes I do need good parenting skills.

The real truth here is this, children are not bad,they are products of their parenting. My Advice to you would be to go seek help in positive parenting classes. Good luck to you.