Shouldn't be let out in public

Yesterday was going great for me and I had no complaints, I had my first day off of work since only God knows when. One of my nearest and dearest friends was able to come with me at the last minute for an outing we had both wanted to do for a while. We had a great little road trip getting there and stopped at a charming Mom and Pop diner that had great service for lunch. All in all wonderful...

But as in times long past I should have known my happiness was not to last. Because it has always, always been ruined by the same thing, children and their rude, unthinking parents:(!!!

My friend and I were going to an Art Exibition that had a limited engagement about an hours drive from our home. Since we both had the day off and we both wanted to go it was only logical that we pair up and enjoy it together, great minds thinking alike and all. And I was even happier it was a weekday because that meant a next to zero possibility that our day would be ruined by something we both dislike immensely, small children!!!

At first, it was wonderful we had an rented a pair of headphones each for an audio tour and were enjoying a nice, overall "quiet" afternoon with other adults and a few older kids. Whose parents were a model example, because their offspring stayed close to them and never made a peep. ("Kudos to ya, where and who ever you are!!!" )Then it was all shot to he)ll when I was nearly turned into a greasy smear on the rug for a spot in front of all things a 600 yr old Madonna and baby Jesus painting. By a fat guy pushing this what had to be the Monster-Hum)mer of all strollers that held his toddler daughter. As his even ruder wife followed, bumping me aside obviously unconciously trying to finish the job that her husband had failed at. And didn't even bother to say they were sorry, I was glared at like it was my fault I had not fallen over with a broken knee or something.

All I can say was, I was immensely grateful that I had shelled out the extra five bucks for the headphones they were a godsend!!! The next 45 minutes was nothing but this rude couple pushing like a pair of line backers at a football game, hovering and glaring at other people even the elderly, and a poor gal in a wheelchair who was on oxygen for petes sakes!!!! They seemed to take special offense to this lady who was ahead of their *precious* little he)llspawn in one of the rooms. These poor folks who were doing nothing but trying to enjoy the exibits in realtive peace. Instead they got holes bored in the back of their heads because they were somewhere "Moo-mmy and Duddy Dearest" wanted to be and they didn't have the decency to move when they silently demanded it. That couple did have at least a couple of braincells between them to rub together, they didn't dare say anything outloud because if they had the guards who were stationed everywhere would have escorted them out. I wish they had..

Remember the headphones, I was talking about? Well their little crot)ch-fruit was NEVER happy, wailing and fussing the whole time and Mommy and Daddy was constantly taking it out, passing it back and forth like they couldn't decide who should take responsibility for the bright idea to bring the little mistake. Jostling it up and down almost knocking into the displays. This place was full of art and precious relics many of whom dated back to the MIDDLE AGES and BEYOND!!! ITS NOT THE FREAKING SESAME STREET OR DORA THE EXPLORER MUSEUM...WHAT THE F)U)CK??!!!! What the H)ELL possessed these freaking morons to bring a one year old to something like that?!!! Obviously grandma had the day off, and instead of going somewhere appropriate like the park or maybe the zoo NO they have to come where saner people still have a haven.

I got to the point I almost throttled a female guard when she cooed over how *cute* it was. Sure, its adorable when its parents haven't been ruining "your" free afternoon, lady!!!

I agree with the sentiment in this forum, what is it that when you spew out a kid the world and its people must automatically bow and scrape to "your" whims. Its NOT our fault you lost common sense and all your free time down the drain when u chose to let "it" move in. But its not MY responsibility to bend over backwards and pay for the result of your carelessness, espacially when I sure as heck don't even know you.

Thankfully, somebody must have noticed something or complained to somebody. Because they rounded a corner later and my friend and I never saw them again. Which I can tell you was an immense relief because happily the second half of the exibit was even better than the first in terms of quality AND on a happier note "IT" free. So aside of that one hiccup in my day, I'd say the afternoon was successfully salvaged and refurbished. So, I haven't any more complaints.

But people if u wanna go out, invest in a babysitter. Don't ruin everybody elses day because you are not bright enough to figure that out.
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A few recent time i was trying to have a nice lunch, but my peice was disturbed by an 0 year old.