Kids are a satan spawned Nightmare

Babies are ugly bald men and bald women who urinate and deficate on themselves

babies fill 15 diapers a day with smelly green baby shyte

babies  take, take take and give nothing in return except smelly diapers, shyte, vomit and urine

babies grow into greedy lazy punks that leech off thier parents and suck the last penny thier parents have, then after they rob thier parents blind, kids throw thier parents in old folks nut houses where the old worn parents will lay in thier own feces and urine and are given 30 pills a day for dementia

A just reward for delusional breeders.

Any woman insane enough to let a leech grow to 10 pounds in her uterus, sucking all her nutrients, and then burden the earth with this spawn, should have been sterilized before she became a  leechen host.

People with kids are so f-ing miserable they want everyone else to suffer the nightmare hell they live in. misery loves company.

There is not enuff oxytocin in the brain to keep these delusional parents doped up  to cope with thier nightmare decision to spawn

Having kids is selfish, agrarian societies used kids as slave farm labor, women were used as brood mares, like cows.

No sane woman wants to destroy her body in snotminer birth, and then spend 18-21 years of food money and time, creating a pos that will tell her to
' f-ck off ' after it runs out the door with her purse and her last penny.

Todays breeder destroys her body in birth, then gets treated like crap by a capitalistic overpopulated society that hates kids, then the stupid broad realizes she must get up at 5am every day to get the snotminer to daycare whill she gets shyte on all week by 20 lawyers as an underpaid legal secretary or some equally shytty job, or worse. Then the  deluded  breeder broad must go get the snotminer and give her paycheck to the daycare provider at the end of the every week. Hell on earth.

Or the deluded broad breeds basterd kids and starves in hell on welfare. Or the stupid breeder broad must now kiss some nasty mans arse for a living and put up with torture,  just so her and her leechen snotminer kid can survive, the same stupid breeder broad is probably abused and creating a new generation of abuse wittnessing psyco kids that end up as abusers/ victims in nuthouses, poorhouses or prisons.

The psycho soccer mom broodmares are like vipers with claws, they will lie cheat steal and kill, just to get crap for thier snotminer kids, they are like rabid delusional animals that all sane people should scorn and run from...FAST!.

I hate breeder broads, they are a danger to society and to the devil spawn they breed. They must be sterilized if they get pregnant without proof of thier own money and solid means to properly raise a kid for 18 to 21 years. In china if a dumb no money broad gets pregnant the state aborts her spawn, if shes a no money brood mare and gets pregnant again, she is forcibly sterilized by the chinese government. In usa we need similar parent licences.

Baby batter squirting male punks need to be castrated, ever see what a 5th generation fetal alcohol retardation syndrome kid looks like, do you have any idea of the hell these kids will suffer if born? Lunatic **** squiting males need to be castrated early, before they start thier rapist careers.

brood mares lie and want others to suffer in hell like they do.


2tuff 2tuff
Aug 3, 2010