I Hate *other People's* Children

I'm a student, and unfortunately, I chose a class that involved community service with children. I don't know what possessed me to not drop this class, but I continued on and devoted 20+ hours of my time to a little ADD brat who's parents should be beaten with a stick. She's a terrible kid and would grow up to be a terrible adult who would only contribute hate and stupidity to our society. And the worst part about tutoring her was having to work in a classroom filled with other little diseased children who were sneezing and coughing and crying. I just don't understand how you could choose to work with these little people. They're not cute, they smell and are ungrateful. That being said, I don't dislike all children. I don't mind my younger family members, partly because I'm bias and because I'm used to them. I also don't mind quiet children who do what they're told. Would I ever have my own children? Yes, but no more than two. And they will be quiet, well mannered and intelligent. I'll make sure of it.

PucciandGucci PucciandGucci
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1 Response Dec 9, 2010

LOL, do like me and have dogs. You are right though, some people's kids need to be beaten with a stick. I know a kid like that now...