!strange Creatures Turn Man Into Stupid

Children of course have their place in society, just not my world. Grandchildren are okay for 3 mintues max then take them home unti they grow up to 10 or 11 year olds.
My husband goos over his granddaughter like she is a diamond. What crap, this child not her fault is a duplicate of her mother who by the way is of age but still a pain in the rump, childish, not responsible, lazy, un-educated and thinks that Daddy and mommy owe her a living-including providing for the granddaughter who is just like mom.
Its terrible to watch a grown man-woo and awh over a child that is spoiled beyond hope and just needs alot of consistency in her life. NOT my life. I can't stand to be around the child-Praying that he takes her home soon and stays with them.
badgrand badgrand
46-50, F
Dec 20, 2011