A Gender-fluid's Nightmarish Maggot Is Another's Precious Child...

Hi. My name is Tristan. I'm 18, and gender-fluid, as well as pansexual. I have a wonderful fiance, and together we despise the little **** trophies known as children. I am biologically female, and I feel pressured by my fiance's family, especially their mother, to get pregnant right away and start serving my purpose as a baby factory. She tries to tell me that my rabid hatred of children and pregnant women is just me being "scared" of childbirth. Heh....sure. That's totally my issue right there. I'm sorry to offend, but I find pregnant women repulsive and I think that children up to the age of 10 are disgusting and nerve-racking, especially babies. To me, a newborn human is the ugliest thing on earth. And the funny thing is, my mother will even tell you that I hated other children when I myself were a child.
weaselgoesyarp weaselgoesyarp
Feb 11, 2012