Little Children Are The One Thing I Fear

like many others that were ask to play in unicle sams play ground in south east asia i do few children

and for me i have a good reason

you see my wife was killed by one as she walked to wlk the day after i was hurt and i have seen many others hurt or killed by little children sitting there and crying and you touch the child the child falls and triggers the mine it was sitting on

no mater how many times other were warned it did happen

as for being a father it would have never happed as i can not have children due to caner as a child which was ok my wife could also not have children then after she was killed my second love had been so badly beather by her husband she lost the child she as carring at 16 years old and from the damge of the beating she could never carry a child again

the DA in that case gave him a divesation if he joined the service
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 7, 2012