Your Day Of Birth Is Really Not That Important.

So my husband forgot my stepsons birthday. I remembered but didn't mention it because well, I really didn't care. I also figured since I hadn't seen him call him that he must have done it at work or when I took a **** or something. Later his dad called, and I could tell by the one ended convo he had actually forgot. So I said after "your dad gave you **** for forgetting his birthday?" Suddenly it was all my fault that I had thought about it once more than he did and not told him, he called me names, said "**** you I don't want to hear your mouth anymore so just shut up" as I told him it wasn't my fault he forgot and he was just taking his anger about forgetting out on me. He says the worse things to me when it comes to his kids. They make him into the stereotypical self important ignorant **** I like to term "breeder". They like to think they are more important than the rest of the world cause they stuck their **** in a ***** and had an ******. All children do is ruin lives.
Crankygf Crankygf
May 7, 2012