I Was Having A Perfectly Nice Time Waiting For My Flight Until...

A screaming, Ill bred brat and her trashy parents choose me to torture. Why? What have I done to deserve this? Why must I pay the price for their poor choice and failure to properly train this monster?
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Think about what the parents go though on a daily basis. If that one experience nagged you that much, I can't imagine how exhausting, resentful, angry and humiliating those parents must be. There are times where when I rode the bus, I would get so irritable when babies scream. I'm not talking about normal baby cries, I mean BLOOD screaming cries. Sometimes, I just don't understand why that's necessary, how a little human being can be THAT upset.

Give me a break, these trashy parents did not take the opportunity to teach their brat about being civil or respectiveful of others. Of course I understand that these incorrigible things cannot control themselves - I am not stupid. However, parents should take the responsibility to control their progeny.

I did not bring them into the world, I do not excuse trash bringing more trash into the world. To be clear, I appreciate a parent trying to educate their child to be a responsible human being. This is the only thing that make children tolerable to me - that they might grow up to contribute something positive to this world,

Am I the only one that is sick of the "think of how the parents of the l'il demon feel? Stuck with him/her/it 24/7/365?" Guess what? Not my problem. Great the parents had a child, aka, sex that took. Why must I have to suffer with a screaming child while the parents effectively block out the noise that rivals any plane?

I am sick and tired of the "baby cult" in the US. There is nothing about childbirth that makes a human special. Roaches can reproduce. Childbirth is not a skill that is in high demand or pays well. What is in high demand is parents that are capable of educating their child(ren) with manners and respect for others, be it people, property, or critters.