Demons In Human Skin

When ever I tell people I don't want children I always get the same reaction:
"i remember when I used to say that! Hehehe just wait, you will!"
Or I get a confused stare until their eyes glaze over, like they'd never even considered NOT reproducing.

I remember when I was just 13 I refused to hold my new born cousin. My former mother asked me why and when I told her it was because I hate children she went balistic! "What kind of girl hates children?!" I do.
Now my dad has a new girlfriend, now she's nice. She's actually ******* awesome, I love her, But...she has a demon.
I thought I hated kids before. I'd rather dip my head in molten lava after having my nails ripped out one by one and having them forced up my nose while having my **** cut off than put up with this demon. No actually, times that by a million billion and thats what being around this child is like. He kicks my dog when my dad isn't looking (my dog is MY baby, alright, but we'll get to that later) he ***** his pants at least once a day, he treats our house like a celebrity treats a hotel, when they stay over he runs around the house as early as he can, when they send him to bed he craps on that hes starving even though he just finished his tea of sandwhichs because he wont even eat plain pata and craps on that everything he doesnt want to eat is to hot, it acts like its got ADHD or something, it cant go without tapping or jumping or fidgeting or stomping for 5 ******* seconds, it needs constant entertainment and dad makes me let it play on MY xbox that it has now broken the controller of from throwing it when hes told its time to get off and has a tantrum, its constantly rude/smug or disobedient.
Then dad tries to explain "all children are like this"
Naw. Why wouldn't you want one?!

Children don't even appreciate the time, effort, money you wasted on them. My dads fondest memorys of me I don't even remember. Now animals on the other hand...
My dog is the best child I'll ever have. She's actually cute, as a puppy and an adult. She knows who feeds her, grooms her, walks her, plays with her, cleans up her ****, takes her to the vet when she's hurt/sick, lets her sit on the furniture when dads not home. She appreciates it. You do the same for a child and they still want, want, want,me, me,me,now,now,now! Save an animal from the side of the road, it wont forget. Raise a child, it will only look out for itself.

Why people dont adopt a child already suffering or adopt an animal that needs only love to give you loyalty, I'll never know.
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My "brother" acted like this except even worse, killing the familys' pets and then telling me later how they died and how they suffered. He was allowed to continue his abuse towards me, beating me nearly every week of my young life. my "mom" allowed it, he was her little saint who could do no wrong, and she made excuses and justifications for it, until at the age of 12 I tried to kill myself by hanging myself because her verbal and emotional abuse was too much for me to bear. I am nearly 31 years old and what I endured during my childhood has left me scarred in so many ways. I don't want to get off topic, but it's worse when the "child" (little DEMON!) is allowed to abuse the other siblings. It ended when I started calling the cops. hehehe But in other ways it still went on. My "mom" is still an evil ***** who needs a good *** beating. I'm sorry, but what really irks me is when people say, "but that's your mom" No, it takes more than carrying and child in your womb for nine months to be a mom. To call an evil B*&^% like her a mom, is an insult to REAL motherhood. I didn't behave like that growing up and where my "brother" had a sense of entitlement, I had a sense of gratitude to my dad for providing for me. I never acted like because it just wasn't in me, I was a pretty laid back kid, perhaps too laid back. I too NEVER WANT CHILDREN. And that is perfectly natural. I can't stand kids either because they have no manners, I will correct the kids and if the mom has a problem with it, she can take it up with me and I will correct her too, yeah just because a child is a child doesn't mean I am going to allow it to come into my home and start destroying valuable items that I have worked for. People get a clue. Adopt an animal from the shelter, they are worth their weight in gold and so many kids are F*(^%*& WORTHLESS.

I agree. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they are my babies. Sooo much better than kids!! Kids are evil to animals too...they pull dog's tails..annoy the **** outta wonder so many kids get bit by dogs and then of course because the kid was a ******* little demonic moron, the poor dog has to be put down. It makes me so mad.


notice it's only stupid children who dogs attack?!
Gosh it's a MYSTERY why -_-

Hey there...Sounds like that kid is out of control! I am the mother of 3 boys, but I am not putting with nothing similar like you are. Your father and step mom need to do something about this kid's behavior before its too late.

She won't disipline him. and she can't tell that paying attention to him while he's having a tantrum just encourages it.
I think part of it too is that for our whole life weve only ever had mummys full attention and anything weve ever wanted.
I think only children get confused somehow, like, I have three brothers and we all get along because weve all grown up fighting and sharing and knowing the pecking order. Only children can't learn that.
I dunno, I just wish they'd deal with it :/

I think what ****** me off the most, is when people try to excuse poor behaviour in these brats by saying things like, "All kids are like this." or "They don't know any better.".<br />
<br />
If parents would actually be PARENTS and discipline their children instead of relying on teachers and the television, if parents would actually grow a pair and say 'no' to their brats every now and then, some kids wouldn't act the way they do.<br />
<br />
Can't stand the kids, and even more so, the self-entitled parents who do nothing to control them.

Hahaha I know right?
Like I'll make my dog follow close to me when we pass poeple on our walks because I know some people don't like/are allergic to dogs.
I just wish people with kids would do the same.

I agree with you. What's happening here, in the west, is ridiculous. I actually immigrated to Canada from Russia a few years ago. Russia is generally a rude country but one thing is good there: children can be yelled at and disciplined by any adults, including strangers, in their parents' presence. If the kid keeps slamming the door in the store, an angry old woman will grab the kids' hand and lecture him/her. The parent will not be too happy, of course, but it's not the end of the world there. Here, in Canada, you can only smile back to the parents hoping the parent will nicely say NO to their monster. You can't say anything, do anything or even show you're unhappy or annoyed.

Society makes us be polite even when it's not fair &gt;:/