I Hate Children

i hate children especially the babes but it doesnt mean that i hate all the babies i love white chubby babies especially the white american babies thats the reason i want to marry an american blonde so that she can give birth to a white baby after giving birth to the baby she can stay away from me atleast till the baby grows up because i hate when the babies cry day and night for no reasons i hope i can get a blonde who understands me so that she can stay away from me with the baby will any women do that can they stay away from there husbands never mind all together at the end the point is that i hate kids
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4 Responses Jun 8, 2012

yeah.... good luck with that.

thank you

Your honesty is very funny.. lmao! White American women are A SERIOUS FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, not only will your woman insist that you do about half of the baby work but she herself will become a swollen, crying, screaming, super ***** power during her pregnancy.

i love white women whats wrong in that

Absolutely nothing :D I embrace it myself. I think my point was its not very likely that she will just be cool about "staying away until the baby grows up"

White women age terribly! lol I'm glad I'm a black woman.

Good luck....this isn't a game....having a child is a huge responsibility....I am worried that you would make a terrible husband and a terrible father.
Why on earth would you say you just want a white baby, or a white woman with blonde hair??
Are you that against your own ethnicity, that you would try to remove as much of it from your bloodline as possible.
I think you have a few issues that would keep most intelligent women away from you.

I'm sure u can do that if u have a lot of money pretty sure u will be able to find a blonde who will marry u and u dream will become true but right after she will file divorce and shake u for child support. Kids are not a toy and before making them u have to be ready to give up freedom at least for 14 years and make sure u have money to raise them and support etc etc etc