Well. I don't know what kind of welcome I'll even find here. I don't whitewash how I feel about kids. I hate 'em. Disgusting loud excreting puking s****ing noisemaking cruel little copies of their parents. For a nickel and a chance to get away with it I'd shoot their little bodies full of buckshot. Oh well. Or sell them, that might work too.

I forgot how loud summer was. So glad we have central air and I can close the windows.

Dad does not remember his threatening to kill us when I was 8, spittle and foam coating the corner of his mouth. He called me a liar when I recalled him
throwing my cat Delilah down so hard she landed on her back. She moaned as I held her for an hour or two. It never occurred to me to petition mom to take kitty to the vet. A couple yrs later Delilah died from a pulmonary problem. I would not blink if it were not related to his behavior.

No one liked me. I didn't like them. They would whisper about me in school, ask me to move my seat so they could all sit together. I was not beautiful and we all know what that means. All during my elementary and jr/high school years I felt an outsider. People talk about how innocent children are, how caring. What f***ing bull****. I was very shy. I was not fashionable. It hurt like hell.
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Welcome to experience project you are not alone there are plenty of people like you here. By the way I want to get to know you more. Can you send me a personal message about yourself? Like how old are you and so on? I feel sorry for your cat.