Children Seriously Ruin My Mood!

I am thirty years old and to this day I seriously seriously seriously dislike children. Did I say seriously dislike them? Anyhoo, I have two nieces and three nephews and while I love them I don't exactly relish the idea of spending a long period of time in their presence. My whole life i've expressed my deep dislike for these little monsters and at every turn I have heard "well, you'll change your mind". Well, i'm thirty and still feel the same way so when exactly is that change coming? Every restaurant, every walmart, literally every angle of the earth you will hear a screaming child. I can't have a long conversation with any of my friends or family who have small children because for the entire time all I hear is "hey, hold on a minute okay?" I mean for crying out loud, put them in their room and don't let them out until your off of the phone. Nothing makes me angrier than going into the grocery store and seeing some young barely out of school mother at the register with a child when low and behold, she pulls out that infamous WIC envelope. Birth control is free at planned parenthood facilities so mistakes don't just happen these days, if you can't afford it keep your freaking legs shut because i'm tired of paying for your accident. Due to recent job changes i'm currently living with a friend who has grandchildren. In total she has four ranging in ages of 5-15 years old. I can tolerate the older ones however, having said that it doesn't mean that I want to attend their sports functions or their cheerleading functions nor do I want them tagging along when we are going to dinner or what have you. Their is a popular bar near where I live and one of her daughters has a five year old boy who plays the drums, wow that's unusual!!! Anyhoo, apparently the band that is playing their this weekend has had this little boy on stage at several festivals. I heard today that they are going to ask the owners of the bar if he can come there Saturday night and play on stage with them. Now, correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that one of the few locations left in this world that is supposed to be child free? I don't want to spend my Saturday night at a bar enjoying a beer and listen to a toddler screech and gyrate on stage at an adult only function. I don't think it's cute, entertaining or any of the overused child expressions. I'm not denying that this particular child has talent i'm just saying that he needs to use it where appropriate. The self entitlement that mothers have today is ridiculous. Noone asked you to have a child to save the human race and some of the spawn i've seen is hardly doing anyone any favors. Some of todays mothers act as if they are doing the world a favor by choosing not to work and stay at home and post pics of them breastfeeding their twelve year old child. Get up get a freaking job and earn your keep like the rest of us. I'm done, whew, thanks for reading my rant:)
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

if you can't afford it keep your freaking legs shut - I like this line!