Everyday is DEAD KID DAY!

Hell yeah!!

Kids should be raised on a far off island where they are constantly beaten, tormented and kept in a cage. Screw all you parents out there, you disgusting scum of the earth (unless you beat your kids that is - then you're okay). The only good kid is a DEAD kid! I also hate those butt ugly crossing guards near elementary schools that help keep them safe. If it were simply a matter of a ticket or fine I would run kids and crossing guards over every chance I got - I would run them over till they were a bloody streak on the ground - then I'd get out, pee on the remains and laugh while I took pictures to send to their loved ones. The one type of kid I like is the kid who kills other kids... Columbine, HELL YEAH! School shootings, HELL YEAH! I celebrate the days that kids die - and everyday is such a day - everyday is DEAD KID DAY!! So let's celebrate and rejoice!
Remember those shithead kids who died from e. coli poisoning - HELL YEAH! Let's celebrate and hit a kid in the head with a hammer!

"What did the clown say to your dead baby? Not much, he just RAPED it and took off!"

"What do you get when you put a baby in a blender? A HARD ON!!"

"How do you stop a baby from drowning? You DON'T, you keep your foot on its head and kill the thing!!"

shivertravis shivertravis
2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

I agree we gotta nuke something, might as well nuke the children.

I feel this would make a great bumper sticker: "NUKE THE CHILDREN!"

kids are a window to the parents
so youhave to blame them too

but then look around it has become i want mine feeling the hell with the rest of you