Kids And Facebook

Yikes! How many other people cringe when logging onto Facebook and seeing a picture of some kid doing some regarded a$$ thing? Toothless smiles? Disgusting! Ugly kids are the worst, I have blocked many people because I could not stand to see their lightbulb shaped headed ugly a$$ child. If there were as many abortions as there are McDonalds the world would be a better place!
Banthemall511 Banthemall511
4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I don't agree with abortion but I do agree with contraception and women keeping their legs closed and men keeping their pants on... whenever I see a smug couple with brats I think of their totally irresponsible shagging and we are supposed to love all this family rubbish. God Help us all.

This made me laugh :P Very well said

Two of my best friends have babies and they are always doing crap like that. I hate it for the same reasons. I just hate seeing stupid kids everywhere. I teach. I know how stupid kids are. I don't want to see them in my free time checking out facebook. I laughed when I read this because I thought it was great!

i hear you my friend catholic i suport abortion the world will be a better place..