I Teach. I Hate It.

I have a great education and instead of getting something out of it, the kids I teach just sit there carelessly and don't give a **** about what I've got to offer them. And I'm a good teacher who has great things to impart. I know because the few kids I have who are willing to learn? They learn TONS. Even the kids who don't care learn a lot.

But it doesn't matter. Most kids still don't give a **** about me or any help I have for them.

They don't listen, they don't care, they even try and treat me like **** but I'm a good with discipline and they never get away with it.

All in all, I feel like I'm wasting my time and energy. I'm only there because I'm getting paid. The few kids that I do like who do like learning don't really make it worth it. There aren't enough of them and it just doesn't do much for me.

Kids are wastes of time. There needs to be less of them. We have a population problem on this planet. People need to stop having kids. I mean they are useless in general and we waste so much on them. So much we could give to people who WANT to use those resources.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

It's always such a shame when kids take help for granted. They're only shooting themselves in the foot for the long run. I was that one-in-a-million kid that gave a sh*t about my education, and to express gratitude for the teachers who give their lives to help kids become better adults. I understand your pain. :(

Absolutely true, every word. Amen

you guys are complete whining maggots, you're probably kids yourself trying to act cool.

I'm at work right now. None of these kids have done their work. Its horrible.

I'd rather eat a bowl of **** than be around these kids.

I feel for you. I completely understand. I teach too, and sometimes I literally want to vomit all over them. Kids are monsters.

Right on.