The False Pedestal

In our culture, children have been placed on a pedestal. They are regarded as delicate little bundles of innocence and joy that can be irreperably scarred by the merest hint of negativity, the sight of nudity, and even mild profanity.

This needs to stop.

It's time we knocked children off the pedestal we've put them on. They are NOT so delicate that getting a spanking, being yelled at, hearing their parents curse, and seeing boobs in a movie will reduce them to an emotionally damaged shell of a human being. All of those things happened to me as a child, and I am fine. The flaws in my character (and we all have them) are not a product of my upbringing or any failings on the part of my parents.

Children are not innocent. They have the same capacity for cruelty, vindictiveness, spite, and even violence as an adult does. When children are left to their own devices, it's survival of the fittest and most similar. Any child perceived as weak or different will be subjected to merciless bullying. Children have no filter. They say whatever hateful thing comes to mind first, and will often be excessively cruel on purpose. This is not the behavior of an "innocent bundle of love". It is the behavior of humans in their raw, uncultured form. That is all children are. Raw, uncultured, unrefined people in their most basic form.

I'm sick of being expected to behave differently in front of children, to turn of "The Walking Dead" when little Billy is in the room, say poopy instead of ****, and then have the parent get irrate with me when I don't comply. I'm done trying to be nice to kids. I'm done acting like a different person just because a small child is sitting at the next table. Asking me to "not talk like that in front of my daughter" will get you a response of "**** off". Asking me to change the channel will make me turn up the volume. Asking me to listen to something other than Rob Zombie will make me play Dying Fetus.

Kick children off their pedestal. Start spanking your kids, speaking like an adult in front of them, and unblock all your channels. I am an adult and will no longer allow my behavior to be dictated by the presence of a screaming brat.
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

THANK YOU for writing this. I agree 100%. It's actually kinda creepy reading this, because all of these reasons are why I left my ex-girlfriend. She had 2 kids and I wasn't allowed to do sh*t when they were around. Never mind the fact that they behaved like two demons. The final straw was when they drew on my furniture with crayons. I told her to spank them. She said that spanking isn't necessary and put them in "time out". I guess she wanted to give them more time to plan more evil sh*t to do to me. I left her.

Hear hear..The world is to quote a medieval scholar "nasty, brutish and short"

Children and youth are OPPOSITE of purity, innocence and cleanliness. My childhood and youth were ruined by them, their abusive behavior and suck-up adults, now I want a clean place unpolluted by brats, youth and their suck-up friends.