I'm A Good Person... But I Don't Like Kids.

I am a great friend, I give money to the aspca every month, there's this homeless guy around the corner from me I give food to once in a while... but I hate kids. I really do. It makes me wonder what kind of person am I that I care about some people and animals, but I hate kids? They are a$$holes. They cause problems. I have two cats that I buy expensive food for and I've always been there for my loved ones. I help others when I can. Yet, I hate kids.
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5 Responses Dec 14, 2012

same here! I love my cat, she don't cry or ask stupid questions!! I also do the things you do. we are good people don't dout that for a second we are just normal good people and not crazy good people. everyone I know who has kids hates there life and all for what? to ruin your marriage and have that little brat still grow up to hate you? no thanks!

not liking kids or hating them doesnt make you a horrible person. You have other qualities and values that are more important.

You can be a good person, bad person, whatever. Fact of the matter is, kids are annoying little brats and we all know this to be true. Nothing worse than sitting down at a nice restaurant or going to a movie to enjoy yourself and some stupid little brat starts to scream because he/she didn't get their way. I think to myself, "come over here you little test tube freak I'll give you a real reason to cry."

I often go to cafes and restaurants but much rather be surrounded by people with their pets rather than stupid pointless breeders with their prams, snotty noisy children with their damn scooters. This just spoils things for us while animals would not spoil the atmosphere - they are better looking! Many of the parents behave like children themselves and I also cannot stand stupid mothers popping their breasts out in full view of everybody to breast feed their 'brats'.

I know what you mean. I am the same as you, l love animals, b ut when I see kids my heart sinks. It's not that I don't like them per se, but I don't like the whole family thing and the fact we are supposed to think they are cute and make allowances for them. Cats are far and above better than children I think... they just purr and love you.