Apartment Should Be Called Day Care!

Yes, we moved into a 1 bedroom apt and hoped no kids would be in a 1 bedroom. Well, here we go, the one we got faces a play area and yes, the noise is horrendous. Screaming constantly and not to mention the kid crying downstairs and across from us. Why in hell do these breeders continue to harass us? They must be deaf or just plain ignorant.
I do hate kids and the parents that foist them off on others to listen to and be abused by them. They are NOT cute, innocent and all the other comments that society lays on them. Innocent my ***, they kill, rob, curse and generally are a damn pain in the butt. I remember when you looked for an apartment it said no "NO CHILDREN". What the hell happened here? I know, everyone seems to want to breed and not just one, it's litters. They are heathens, period.
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I feel your pain. When I lived with my ex-girlfriend, her 2 kids would invite 900 other little brats to play in our front yard. It was impossible to get anything done with the sound of screaming kids in our front yard, yelling "caca poo poo, tee hee hee!".

For what it's worth, her kids broke us up.

I agree i am retired and my wife has a six figure job where we can get the luxry apts where the parents with 4 or 5 brats cant go and now i like the top floor apts.

I couldn't agree more. I HATE KIDS!!!