How I Realized My True Hatred Of Children

Yes, I too was once a child. It never occurred to me that I was one. My parents both professionals, one a PhD in physics the other a PhD in a little known biological science treated me as an adult from my first recollections. And punishment from infringement on the rights to be treated with respect and dignity was never withheld. However, that was in the early 50's. Parents were still able to discipline their kids. And yes, seen but not heard was the virtue. Well, after I turned 8, my parents, having treated me as a person, without asking me about my feelings decided to start a family. Up until that point, I had spent my days either with a nanny, a grandparent or the teachers in grades 1-3. Spending time with mom and dad was a special treat. So, in comes a new sister and 11 months later comes a brother. And my life ceased to exist. The pleasantries of being a kid suddenly became the responsibilities of being a baby sitter. Discipline and obedience towards your parents was pretty strict back in the 50's. Respect was paramount even if you felt you were being unfairly or unjustly abused. That was how it was. Well being thrust into this position, baby sitting soon turned into being a chauffeur. I can not begin to tell you how many Senators games I had to sit through because my brother liked baseball, how many ****** ****** Bang Bang movies I had to watch, because my sister like Mary Poppins, horseback riding lesson or little league games I schlepped those siblings too, it all led to one undeniable outcome. I friggin hate children. When I turned 18, I found a physician that gave me a vasectomy. There was absolutely no way I was going to spawn anything like what I had to go thru much less put others thru the incompassionate ordeals people with children expect of others around them. I disdain all parents equally and they make be sick when they take their children out in public and expect others to accept the rude, selfish behaviors their children and themselves inflict upon those of us that have higher values than to populate the earth with our spawn. As an addendum, I had a close friend of 30 years who decided to have a kid. I told him to not contact me until his child had graduated from college as I was not going to be **** on by any ones kid for any reason. He just contacted me, his kid is now out of college, guess we can once again be friends.
cptjay cptjay
Jan 16, 2013