Why Why Why???? Wear A Condom!!!

Some other person with a brain in this group suggested population is one of our biggest problems. Why is this so blazingly obvious yet so ignored by 99% of the population who go on spewing out kids into a world that cannot support them financially or emotionally? Why on earth do people think having children is something that we should automatically do in life, no matter what your circumstances? In fact, the less money and brain power you have, the more kids you have. Unfortunately, we are now in economic collapse because of the inanity of most of the world population. Every day I go out into my local town and see hundreds of children and babies, and I don't understand why people have them. My friends have children now, and as children go they are quite nice, but I can no longer go round and have a nice conversation with my friend due to two little grizzling boys misbehaving around her all the time. If it were up to me I would smack them (lightly, but yes I'd smack) and send them to their room if they flagrantry disobey my instructions. But that is considered wrong these days. I was brought up in the seventies by parents who hardly ever smacked me or my brother, and they were considered wrong at the time for being TOO SOFT! Now they would probably be arrested for child abuse!.... society has done a U TURN.... WTF is wrong with everyone???? It's not even as if people can't get hold of contraception, you can even buy condoms in the supermarket these days with your baked beans. Ah God Help us all...
potpickle potpickle
Jan 20, 2013