Infants On Airplanes

Ok so I have a friend who lives in another country for work w/ her husband. For whatever reason, she decided she wanted to have a baby BEFORE they come home. So she got pregnant. Had the baby. Now she needs to take an 11 hour flight with a screaming infant.

People like her irk me to no end because they're so naive and self absorbed. "Oh the baby won't cry" she says -- that's what babies do you moron! A baby cannot chew gum or do anything to mitigate the pressure change when the plane lifts off -- pressure change that I guarantee will make any baby cry.

I can only laugh to myself, thinking of the miserable 11 hour flight she'll be stuck on with a screaming infant and a plane full of people who hate her for subjecting them to it.
SilkPerfume SilkPerfume
2 Responses Mar 8, 2013

I think that they should ban children under the age of 6 from flying. They should only fly for medical emergencies. It is never good to have small children on a plane. i do not mind well behaved older children on a flight, though. It is insanely selfish of parents to fly with an infant.

I would pay extra to get on a flight/bus/train or go to a restaurant/cinema that only allowed adults. Your friend is very inconsiderate - not only to the people who are going to be stuck listening to her screaming child, but to the child itself.

YES! Exactly. Extremely inconsiderate.