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All Kids Are Devils

Funny how in a "I hate children" thread, all you see are stories about loving children...well, I'm here to rectify that.
Having kids is just about the dumbest thing you can do. I swear, I'll never have kids, and my skin crawls whenever one of the little mongrols come near me.
I see these parents in the know the ones...the ones with the two kids screaming and crying because mom didn't want to buy them whatever they want. I pitty those people for making the wrong decisions in life. There is nothing more annoying than a crying baby. It's so useless because it can't communicate yet, so it just makes a lot of noise.
The minute you have kids, you stop living for yourself, and start living for that little ungrateful monster that came out of you. I don't know how people can do that to themselves. You're basically ending your life.
For some reason the little bastards are drawn to me. It's like they know I hate them, so they try their best to annoy me as much as possible. Whenever there's a little kid around, it always wants attention from me, or smiling at me, or bothering me with all kinds of stupid questions, and all I can do is act like I don't want to grab it by the hair, and fling it out the second story window!
TCat TCat 26-30, M 88 Responses Jun 10, 2007

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Agree, I'm in a relationship with a girl who has 3 brats from 2 different ***** doners. I agree it is my fault for staying but I feel like I'm in too deep now. Without me the little bastards would be living at GMA's still. Yup guess I'm playing captain save a how. In hindsight I would recommend that anyone without little bundles of burdens of their own, never get involved with anyone who does. I used to do a lot of fun things, now everything I do every day revolves around me being home by 3 when the little bastards get home and 6 for dinner. I keep the feelings to myself from the kids but my girlfriend kind of has a clue. I don't completely hate kids but they are not mine biologically so its not like I see any of me in them whatsoever therefore I know I'm not as caring as I would be if they were a direct representation of myself. My gf talks about leaving me sometimes when we fight and I bring up the fact that we would have more time,money,resources to be together if she wasn't so stupid when she was 17 and pooped out any creature that became of her sex with loser *** ***** doners (neither pay child support BTW). I know we eventually break up and to be honest I hope she finds a nice (moron) guy who would "love" to be around them. The only reason she doesn't leave is because I give them somewhat of stability even though its all a lie. Also I don't think she has high expectations of finding someone better given the baggage situation. All n all don't do it, u will end up looking like an ******* for not liking her kids, talking **** on forums about the little bastards, and u will spend or time doing dumb **** that you would never have done or wanted to do if you were single or had a relationship with a girl who had enough brains to ONLY have children with someone they were SURE would stick around and be a good dad. Don't waste or time I'm serious, unless or really ugly or messed up then I guess u gotta take what u can get. GL and DONT DO IT, u will regret it

It is as if anyone whom has children wants the rest of the world to feel as they do. To fall in line with society and its overwhelming conformity. The world is overcrowded as is. There are terrible things occurring daily and for those who decide not to have children , it is actually helpful. Period m

Actually some of us have the right to say we hate the way kids act, because some of us were good kids. If I ever thought my parents were going to be disappointed in me when I was a child, I did my best to stop what I was doing.

When I think about it, I hate the parents more than the rotten child. A child is a product of its environment and if you raise a kid to be an entitled shithead, that is the parents fault. I saw at the zoo a toddler throwing rocks at the koi fish in the pond. His "father" should have immediately removed the toddler from the area and probably whooped his ***. But noo: his idea of discipline is "No no Zachary, don't throw rocks at the fish you will make them sad." Zachary continues to hurl rocks. Zachary, no go give mom a hug! You been bad so give her a hug....Zachary continues to throw rocks. The lesson learned from the brat: ignore your parents cause they won't follow through with any real discipline. Imagine Zachary 15yrs from now?'

There are good and bad aspects of being a parent. But a lot of them are Bad! And if you admit it, you are treated like a monster from society.
It is true that your life will be changed. Your priorities are mostly for your kid not yourself. But that is how it should be. Bringing a child into the world is a huge responsibility. If you are selfish and **** up with being a parent, your child will become a **** up adult and be a drain on society.

Why do child-lovers come to this page to tell us how we feel is wrong? I (for example) hate nicki minaj. Your dont see me scrambling to her fan sites just to confront her fans and tell them she bites major ****. "You were a child once" <<< This is an irrelevant argument. Mark wallburg was marky mark once, doesnt mean he likes it. "Your young, you will change your mind." **** you, your old and gonna die soon, comsume a ****. Also every woman who pops out a kid, quit acting like that gives your life meaning. Most woman I know that are popping out the little monsters have no job and have no father for their bastards. In summation the reason I hate children the most is "**** you, thats why".

@All you child haters ... listen to the song "Tears In Heaven" Eric Clapton.

No. I shan't.

Are you really dumb enough to think that disliking children is so superficial that listening to a song will suddenly "cure" me?

Don't confuse those who cannot stand children with those who wish to abuse children, idiot. I don't want anything to do with them whatsoever.

With a name like Tcat you must be a "likeable" lil' kitty? Mmmm ...

Shoo ... but you are angry!!! Strange, once, some years ago you were a screaming monster yourself? Pity someone did not flung you out of a second story building. Make that the 20 story building.

All these 'child haters" probably never had sex?

No, they had, but they take care

@0715ym-Sex is a need, but childbearing is not. There are ways ( besides abstinence) to keep from getting knocked up.

What kind of idiotic assertion is this? Surely you don't really believe that having sex suddenly makes a person like children?

The selfish people are those that insist on having children. The world is greatly overpopulated, and I've read of how all the humans (and other species) are depleting the resources of the earth. I've chosen to be childless for a noble cause: the health of the planet.



Funny. True, but funny..

Kids are as annoying as hell. I was in a lunch meeting the other day in a nice restaurant and sure enough there are at least 3 or 4 loud, snot nosed, screaming little bastards screaming over this or that. Kids have no place except having their ugly little fat heads flushed down the toilet. Tcat you have the right idea about slinging the little beast out of the second story window but let me say this ; It just isn't high enough. Kids are annoying, grub sucking, ******** and *******, worthless pieces of crap. And babies? Oh don't even get me started on those little bundles of crap. I hate them even worse. The parents that think their babies are precious gifts are sorely mistaken. They are a CURSE!!!

I would rather giving the crying noisy kid a head shot or throw it in the sea. How I long for a pistol whenever I see one of those bastards! I think they should be banned ( or age limits should be set ) at parks , theaters or restaurants, The last thing I want there is a kid. My blood always boils and I get a sudden urge to shoot or gag or choke it when a kid comes near me...same applies for pregnant women. Ive lost 2 friends and 3 cousins to babies now they just dont have time for us.. A kid is a waste of time, money and resources . Im gonna live my life. Forget the kid. would prefer enrolling in a shooting squad if there is any chance I get to annihalate it

how can you hate children you were once a child

Go preach somewhere else. We realize we were once children, but it doesn't change anything. I hate the little bastards and what's worse is the parents. God I hate how they walk around like the world owes them something because they have kids. I'm also willing to bet you fall into that category, therefore, I hate you too. Kindly direct yourself elsewhere you twa t!

Go pump yourself full of mercury you dumb ***.

Having been like something does not make it compulsory to be in favour of that. Many people have been all kinds of nasty things and then stopped. Are they required to adore others who remained similarly nasty? If not, what makes childhood an exception? Do you think I planned to be an annoying child?

Wow, all they can say is you were a child once, because no one ever thought of that one before. That's like saying you drank bleach once, why don't you like drinking bleach now? Go on over to the tired regretful sweat pant mom's board and bugger off!

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Why is it that all of these "pro-baby" morons read posts in the "I hate children" category? They're obviously going to be offended, so why do it?<br />
<br />
Children suck. People that foam at the mouth with rage over that fact suck, too. <br />
I had an awesome childhood. I had loving and supportive parents - I just can't STAND kids. <br />
Don't like it? Not my problem. Eat a ****.

100% agree with this article. kids are horrible and so are parents. no i had an awsome childhood and my parents are great. no need to overpopulate though.

Well, most of the out of control kids at the supermarket are the fault of a parent that won't/can't discipline them. As for crying babies, did it ever occur to you that before you were ABLE to talk, you cried to communicate? That phase doesn't last forever. Oh I sure hope you get a vasectomy and please never have children. You sound like a pretty selfish guy and kids deserve better. But I have a good feeling you know that already. But yay! for the kids that annoy you :)

You sound like you are probably over weight and lonely. So Yay for shut ins commenting on a thread they had no business being on in the first place :) as s *****

I agree with every word that the author has said......I do not know whether I strongly hate children, but I do not love them much.....I did not have friends in my school, I was bullied by the so-called innocent children......And to top it God refuses to give me children....Maybe He has set me some other purpose which Iam yet to discover.....But to say that children are innocent as angels is plain wrong.....They are little devils and they make you bow down before them till they get what they want.....Once they are born we become slaves to them and obey their whims and fancies......Once they grow up, they leave and settle somewhere forgetting our sacrifices in bringing them up....

I agree with every word that the author has said......I do not know whether I strongly hate children, but I do not love them much.....I did not have friends in my school, I was bullied by the so-called innocent children......And to top it God refuses to give me children....Maybe He has set me some other purpose which Iam yet to discover.....But to say that children are innocent as angels is plain wrong.....They are little devils and they make you bow down before them till they get what they want.....Once they are born we become slaves to them and obey their whims and fancies......Once they grow up, they leave and settle somewhere forgetting our sacrifices in bringing them up....

I completely agree with you. I realy HATE those little monsters. They are noisy, sticky and smelly.<br />
I hate when someone congrat any pregnant woman for adding another human being in the planet. I think this is the most stupid thing you can do on Earth.

I'm sure your parents said this about you.

I do not have children. My wife and I decided it is not for us, I have no issue with others having them...however, this "child centric" society has to stop; Child proof caps, warning labels on buckets, every single opressive tax happy politician says "but what about the children", the indignant soccer moms that cluster in the one store isle that I need to discuss the preferred type of chicken nugget, mini vans driving 45 in the left lane, school busses stopping every 10 feet so some 150 pound 7 year old can get out of the air-conditioned mini van at the end of the driveway only to take 10min to walk the 8 feet to the bus and sit down.<br />
I don't remember things being so child focused or children themselves being so obnoxious and dis respectful. It is the result of poor parenting, then those kids will be even worse parents and there are no reprocussions for inserting another self absorbed **** head into society. My brother's kids are well mannered and I actually like them, but I think they are very unusual in this day and age.<br />
Also I think as a society we have "defanged" Natural Selection. In years past the stupid people would do something wonderfully idiotic and take themselves out before they reproduced ( like use a hair drier in the tub ). Now the mental migets can reproduce like rabbits... I better stop before this turns into a 10 page rant...

I feared that my thoughts on this topic were so far into the fray that no one alive would/could ever share my view point. Your statements fit my thoughts exactly. Especially on Natural Selection. To further expand (adding a page to the rant) If one must have children then I think that they A) Should be capable of passing a basic IQ test to prove themselves mentally competent. B) Should be capable of proving that they are financially capable of not only supporting themselves but a child for 18 years. C) Should be able to not only pass an IQ test, but also a COMMON SENSE test. If these three (and probably more) conditions are not met then one has the option to take the red pill to end themselves, or the purple one to sterilize themselves.

Um in case anyone here has an ounce of grey matter, this group is not for baby-lovers. You people have a dozen groups for that, so might I suggest you go ape over there and let the rest of us conference in peace? XD And for the moronic irrelevant "you were a baby once' argument, well you can't really help being born, can ya? We realize that, and we can't change it. But oh well, one can lament can't they? I mean, sure we could kill ourselves to prove it, but then where would the world be if we didn't grace it with our intelligence ; ) yea, that's sarcasm by the way. <br />
<br />
And for the record, the Earth would be a better place if humans didn't exist solely to destroy it. Yea, some folks are ignorant enough to actually claim reproduction of humans is a good thing. Anyway, at least some of us here are actually trying to save it, rather than reproduce even more. I mean, we're all guilty, but then there are those who try to make up for it somehow. For sure, I'd kill myself to save the world, but I'm gonna chose not to reproduce and help it to survive my existence instead. Hey, why not make use of your miserable, hateful existence, humans? Do the world a favour and stop popping out sh*t out of your orifices.

Exactly! 7 billion people on this planet and people keep having more! It really ****** me off when they have more than one... you got your \'breeder fix\' and mini you- NOW STOP!

@keysaar and @diabilicaca-Thank you.

Soo, what about the kids that behave? Because that whole "grab them by the hair and fling them out the window" thing is something my stepfather did while I was minding my business and quietly doing my homework. It's all about how the kid was raised that determines how they behave, and some just can't help it because they have a mental incapability. Kind of like how some adults do, too...<br />
<br />
I'm glad you won't reproduce. I'd hate for there to be more abused children in the world.

Tcat next time I see a kid I will punch them in the face for you.

You are absolutely right. As soon as you have kids you stop living for yourself. Some parents are as annoying as children. The parents that think their kid is a genius or the parents that think everybody wants to hear about their stupid kid. It is so depressing when a friend has a child because they completely change and are no longer fun to hang out with. I hate kids because they are annoying and they are wrong about everything. Have you ever corrected a child? they just start to cry. Thank you for posting a comment true to the group. As for the comments about how great kids are WTF are you doing searching a group about hating kids. You people are as dumb as the annoying kids that we hate.

There are too many people in the world as it is. People should adopt if they want kids. Not reproduce.