I've Always Hated Children

Ironically, my first job was at a nursery. My mother would always volunteer me to take care of my younger cousins and so I knew a lot about child care. It was very good money for only four hours of work.

But then I realized how much I HATED children. They are incredibly annoying, jealous, petty, loud and (dare I say it?) stupid. The only people who think they're cute are people who see them in short intervals. I've never met a child who wasn't a liar. That 'innocent' line is total bullshit.

They are so manipulative if you're a weak-willed person. I can't tell you how many parents I've seen cave in to the wills of their incredibly stubborn kids. It's disgusting.

People say, "oh, well it's different when they're your own". Yeah, it's different, because now instead of taking care of them for four hours out of the day it'll be more like 12. PASS.

Konrad Konrad
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Every view here comes from Oneself experiences. I am probably the oldest here in my 50th, yet full of life and energy especially NOW when my two grown up sons are living on their own.Many of you are correct and I totally supportive of your comments. Here is my input from my life experiences.Unfortunately, all of us living in changeable times with everything from global politics to culture diversity changing in rapid speed along with ever evolving technology. We're bombarded with daily vast of information, all stressed out and in order to survive and function well do not need yet another stress in our lives. Over decades society views brainwashed all of us with thoughts: family who brings their offspring to adulthood are the strongest unit of the society. The image of mother caring for her children, or happy family with few kids is imprinted in our consciousness, as a "Good" and "correct" way of living. If I say in my work place out loud some 15-20 years ago I hate children - trust me I will be never treated well to the point I will be more likely looking for new job, living with consequences having "bad person" reputation! Please forgive me Comintern1919- GET OVER YOURSELF! You are full of sh---t, and more brainwashed than anyone I know, you're the clone of cruel society! Hurray to your German Kindergarten, they found their robocup to rescue these creatures- called children. And to you- Barefootb- please go to the right for you forum! You are here ended by mistake , so do join the like-minded forums, although I can see you are as being the cheer-leader of clone's making society. Go watch movie "Matrix"- it will be an eye-opener for you.<br />
Having two sons, whom I love so very much, i would say I paid dearly my debt to ever demanding and cruel society of raising these two boys in good loving family with great husband of mine. First 15 years were constant sacrifices with rare sleep, constant stress, never ending work at home and outside, trips to bathroom and 5 minutes quiet times- seemed like Vacation. Please do not get me wrong we as family went few times to vacations to Mexico and some other places with kids, and I hated it. Not only I've been humiliated by my own children, but by these rolling eyes of passing by strangers too. Could of been these years of raising my children spent on something more valuable to "better myself, on myself" - oh, yes! Is it sound selfish- also yes in the eyes of cruel and way more selfish society, which doesn't give a damn about any of us, yet brainwashed all of us .Did I mentioned the financial drain kids require?! They will never pay you back ever. Are they grateful or care for the life of a parent? Rarely who will, they all are only focused on their own personal life and their network of people and events, majority of them anyway.Frankly, I think animal-pets are more cute to me than little babies, who are ugly wrinkled and fat looking. I think every single Mother and Father (normal parents, not junkies, or alcoholics, or abusers) deserve their share of money back from our terrible society for putting up for long enough with babies screams, demands, destroying ungratefulness, crappy smells, terrible attitudes and humiliations. In my very honest view: children are the parasites most of times, sucking their parents very living, pushing boundaries, destroying relationships.I am the most patient Mom , yet hate knowing ,my best years were given to two monsters of mine. Few moments I truly enjoyed, most I truly hated. I do have good relationship with both of my children ,and only NOW in middle age me and DH (dear husband) are enjoying ourselves fully. Frankly, I do not want any grandchildren (like starting over again this nightmare).I hate children with passion, I can't stand even to see 5 of them on cruise ships (trust me we always try to book of-season times, when kids are at school). If we book vacations to the beach resort, we try to book with places Not allowing bring children, yet at least 2-3 small kids are there. It is so irritating to say the least.I know, some of you might see me as being selfish, yet I did according to society views my "motherly job": two of my boys are my and especially society's pride and joy: healthy, well educated , with good jobs.Here, I've shared my view, and it is honest one too.

To be honest, I dislike children for many of the aforementioned reasons. And please, those of you who disagree, don't try to start some holy crusade on people who don't like children. You're not doing anything but making an *** out of yourself and your community.

"The only people who think they're cute are people who see them in short intervals."

This is so damn stupid, I cannot even describe it. I am around children almost 24 hours every day. I'm 19 years old, I have a little 4 Year old Brother I love above all, and I even work with children. I'm what we here in germany call an "Erzieher", that is someone who works with children and teenager. I work in a Kindergarten, in germany this is not a pre-school, but for children around the age 3-6, and almost every german child goes to one. I work 6-8 hours weekdays, often voluntarily longer, and in my free time I go to the playground with my brother, everyday, especially weekends, and I often babysitt, and I still love children. I couldn't image a life without them, I couldn't even image one day without. I find them cute, I am extremly patient with them. And I know many, including my mum, my classmates, and most other Erzieher, who think the same, so that argument is completly wrong.

Not every child is as mean as you describe them. Very, very few of the really worst maybe, but I have so many cute, nice kids in my group, sure they do stupid things from time to time, sometimes they won't listen, sometimes I have to get louder. Sometimes they don't tell the truth. But honestly? Adults don't, either. I have met more Adults that are disgusting, mean liars, than children who are.

I can't change your opinion, if you so dislike children, fine, please don't ever have some, but at least stop telling such nonsense. According to you, that wouldn't make you better than the children you describe, right?

Look, we don't care.

This group is here for like minded individuals to vent to each other. You like kids good for you. We don't. If I wanted to waste 18 years of time and money, be fully grey by age 40, and basically have no life for myself anymore I would go knock some chick up. But I don't. If you want to spout your child worshiping nonsense just go literally anywhere else in the freaking world. 99% of the population has been brainwashed into thinking parenthood is the key to paradise, you'll find plenty of likeminded company.

This is a sanctuary for the minority, so respectfully shut up.

Woah, calm down, I just voiced my opinion.

As I said, have your Opinion, I can't say I repsect it, but I tolerate it, I just wanted to point out an argument of Konrad which is completly wrong, and prove it with my own story. The argument was that only those people like children who don't spend time with them, he said ONLY those, which is wrong. Just wrong, as you can see with me and, at the very least, the people of my and similiar jobs. The job of the Erzieher, someone who works with children and teenager (like Kindergarten), is very popular at least here in germany. I spend most of my time with them (Kindergarten and 4-year old brother) and still love them. And most of the people and colleagues I know do so too. So you see, also those that spend most of the day with children likes them, which proves the point of Konrad wrong.

I really wouldn't have said anything, you can have your sanctuary, but if I see something wrong, or a lie, I have to say something. I'm not like those 99% who take everything wrong quietly and say nothing.

Understandbale, I suppose I spoke a little too soon. Sorry about that.

Well, I sure hope you don't have any children; they certainly deserve better than someone with this attitude. The problem today is not the children, but the parents. Most are selfish themselves and don't know how to parent.

Please go away. All of you who love children are being bullies and are taking away what I needed and came to this group for. Just go start an love kids group somewhere else and leave us alone. Thank you.

I wish I had a gun and knew where you went to school so I could shoot the place up! Now please. . . sweetly. . . go choke on a fiery d!ck. :)


Flagged for Harassment. Have a terrible day :)

@barefootbitch, Please cite peer reviewed literature supporting your views that children-haters will be the future school shooters. I promise you that I was a child once -- I have the pictures to prove it. I was not like most children one sees running amok. My parents would have spanked me until I couldn't sit down.

What we need more of today are people who practice birth control habits. I'm not saying less sex, I am alluding to more condom and prophylactic use.

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I totally agree my mom used to make watch her friends kids when i was eleven. they are the most irritating creatures alive. why cant people just stop breading. All kids whine and cry and lie and steal and they are rude.

Women who have babies get ugly and turn into morons!!

they should be chained outside and left for the coyotes

Guess you and him have something in common, you needed to be aborted too numbnuts.

"It's sad" "get it?". So smug. Gag.<br />
<br />
I really don't think you know what you're talking about.

Children are blank slates. They are what we make of them, they are what the world makes of them, including all you and all of us, everyone is a product of what they were taught, what was engraved in their minds, I can't believe how most of you come to your conclusions with such little thought. Most of you are just emotional and can't even use your brains properly, it's sad.<br />
Adults are the disturbing and pitiful kind, they make children what they are. Get it?

I disagree. It is genetics that makes a child who they are and good choices. My wife was a quite good child like her mother and her father was a monster. her father is a verbally abusive alcoholic. Her mom is the nicest person.smart I had a great mother also a good quite child who raised her seven other siblings but my dad was a abusive drunk loser to.as a child he was horrible.
I was always in to trouble as well my mom was great and my step dad was my hero. I wasn't even exposed to my dad till i was 14. at the age of 12 I started to drink and do meth. I was a loser just like my dad, and i didn't even know him. my wife is what turned me around i have been sober for seven years. it doesn't matter what kind of child you are. everyone can choose there own path. That is just an excuse for bad genetics, and if children are what we make them how come perfectly good parents can have kids that kill puppy or other siblings. I believe it is you who hasn't given you statement much thought. All people are born selfish and greedy. Babies don't care if your tired or hungry. the don't care if your broke. they take each others toys fight over stupid ****, scream yell. Children are not blank slates. we have to spend years making them into good people and sometimes it don't work.

FreeFallWall, I don't have to worry about a grown-up screaming, crying, and stomping their feet when they don't get their way. And usually most grown-ups don't need constant supervision and stimulation. <br />
<br />
And also if I don't like them I can just walk away.

My wife grandmother does I hate that *****.

So original. "Just because I was once a child means I should love being surrounded by brats all day? By that logic you were a spe.rm once. That must mean you love being covered in cu.m all day?" Dumbass. I hope you are mercilessly beaten by a homeless person!

Oh come on! they're only as bad as grownups. They just dont hide it(because they are cute and easily forgiven). You see, the desciplined, obedient, "good" children only make lousy adults and young adults(like me). We just over expect from kids.

I can't stand kids either. I had one before I changed my mind. (Like that makes sense. Haha.)

Yea and if you like children, this isnt the place to voice your opinion

Children are selfish regardless of their country. Even more-so in third world countries, although it's more out of desperation for their lack of necessities. But it was very common knowledge the gypsy children we met up with in Romania were taught to steal, lie and cheat to survive. I don't blame them for the world they lived in, but it didn't make me hate them any less.<br />
<br />
It's really ugly when you witness the true nature of an oppressed people. They really don't believe in love. Their day-to-day life can't depend on it, and it's not a priority to love their wife/husband or children.

me no more efdup than the rest of humanity is what I am saying...

A good child is a dead one.

I have several nephews and nieces, and sometimes there's no better feeling than the way they will run up and hug my legs or give me sweet, little kisses. Sure, some can be damn annoying, but that's just personality. I know many adults that annoy the **** out of me too. /shrug

Tell me about it. I don't hate them, necessarily, but they do get on my nerves most of the time. I watch my nieces and nephews practically everyday, and they're a pain in my ***.