This site is for people who hate children. As it states at the top 'If you love children this is not the site for you'. Please take your pro-child opinions elsewhere. You've got the whole flipping mass media to do it on/in. Give us child-haters our own space, you selfish people (typical of breeders)
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As I said - typical breeders. Nothing to do with whether I'm child-free or not. And on that score I won't reveal anything and didn't reveal anything.

Ha! I'm not a 'breeder' funnily enough

Lol! Someones bitter about missing the boat to have a child..

Why does her rant mean she is jealous of people who have children? I think she doesn't like them, not that she's resentful that she didn't have them earlier

Nope. I just hate them.

In all honestly i can see where your coming from, i couldn't think of anything worse than having a child at the moment..saying that though to say 'i hate them' is a bit harsh lol.