They can try to deny it, they can try to argue it, but there's no doubt about it: people with kids not only receive special consideration for having reproduced...they believe it is DESERVED. 

My husband and I have experienced at least two instances of this, both times in restaurants.  In the first instance, we were trying to enjoy a nice conversation over a calm, relaxing dinner out.  (We've been married five years, are blissfully happy, and don't plan to stress our wonderful relationship with children - ever!)  Unfortunately, throughout the entire meal we attempted to have in peace, some toddler smack in the middle of the restaurant kept uttering ear-splitting shrieks every two or three minutes.  We complained to the waiter, who said he'd speak to the manager.  Ha!  Nothing happened, of course.  We managed to make it through the meal, but upon leaving, my husband couldn't help himself.  He stopped at the table where the kid and her parents were and said, "Thank you for thinking that the rest of us want to hear your child scream."  The mother glared at him and snarled, "She's just a child!"  Which obviously means the kid could do whatever the hell she wanted AND since she'd spawned her, the mom could also do whatever the hell she wanted too.  The sense of entitlement that this woman had was stunning, just because she'd popped out a kid. 

Second instance?  Again, we're trying to have a nice conversation over dinner, when two children at the next table started yelling at each other, yelling at their parents, running up and down between the tables, and generally acting like brats.  When my husband and I couldn't hear ourselves talk anymore, we asked to move to the other side of the restaurant and also asked to see the manager.  When he came over, we politely expressed our disappointment that no one saw fit to ask the parents to quiet their children, even for the sake of the other patrons.  The manager started to make some sort of excuse about how he couldn't just do that.  Then my husband made the astute comparison to having a drunken adult in the place, talking loudly, bothering others, etc.  "You can't tell me that you wouldn't ask the adult to stop disturbing other people," my husband said.  The manager stammered a bit and said, "Well, that's not really the same thing..."  WHY?!  WHY IS THAT NOT EXACTLY THE SAME THING???!!  BECAUSE THEY WERE CHILDREN, THAT'S WHY!  The guy would rather have any number of paying customers be disturbed than just ask the freaking parents to BE PARENTS and make their kids behave.

Child worship has gone too far.  In my opinion, kids deserve less respect, fewer privileges, and less consideration than adults.  It's really not their fault that they're annoying, loud, selfish creatures.  But it's not my fault either.  Child-free forever!


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Also let's not forget the ridiculous tax breaks.My brother is childless and his neighbor has FIVE brats.Guess who's livin' large?

I don't know where you were dining, or where you live, but I have never experienced anything like what you described. Most of the disturbances when I've been in restaurants have come from drunk adult patrons, or sports fans, shouting, or from all the large parties of people coming for birthdays (especially the places that sing happy birthday for them, along with loud clapping). To decide based on the behavior of two groups of children that all children are horrible is a lot like deciding based on race or ethnicity -- it's a prejudice. Not all children act the way the children you saw act. Those kids probably have parents who view their kids more as status symbols, or fashion accessories, than people. Funny how what is considered socially acceptable changes so much. If you want a child-free place, go to a 21 and over club or have your meal catered at home.
You do realize that not that long ago, people didn't marry for love, but instead to cement the social status of their parents? That in fact in many places in the world that is still the case? And that to have married for love, and not have any children would be considered extremely selfish?

I always like to remind these women who feel their **** trophies should be able to do whatever it is they want to do, that "even cockroaches can breed. You are not special." That usually stuns them for a moment or two.

Thank you for sharing this story. Though it enrages me, it also comforts me to know that I am not alone in recognizing just how self-entitled the world, (and it's children), are becoming. I just recently dealt with an overprotective, entitled mother. She allowed her children to jump around and grab at my dog at a family party. Even though I warned them not to taunt him, (as he was not use to kids), the children relentlessly kept returning to my dog and antagonizing him. Well, sure enough, my dog felt harassed enough to give off a bark, and they ran screaming to mommy. Next thing I know, mommy dearest approaches me at the party and complains that her children are now traumatized and can't even walk to the bathroom on their own for fear that they'd be attacked by my dog. Mind you, he weighs less than the average house cat and never leaves my side, especially with children around! Do you believe this crap?! I told her to chill out-- that my dog just wants to get away from her kids. I got attitude for the rest of the day from her, and now I'm just angry and frustrated- as I do realize that she is not exactly rare in this country.

I'm a kid an agree with this myself. I've already decided to never have kids, and I can hardly stand other kids. I think I'm going to end up being a hermit until I'm 18.

I really do not like spoilt children either, their parents should make sure they learn how to behave at a young age. However, not all children are the same. Most parents these days are terrible and don't teach their children what is right and wrong, but some children - even with bad parents - understand what is right. I don't like the way children are treated like animals who need to be raised, as they do have minds of their own and they can think for themselves (sometimes it just takes a reminder of how other people might feel) but children must learn that they are not the only people in the world, and they need to sort out their own problems sometimes and treat people like themselves: human beings. After about the age of six they need to get a sense of maturity and understand that they need to behave properly and respect the people who give them the things that they couldn't do without. They should be spoken to, not about, that is the only way a child will know that they are affecting someone else, as if a stranger tells them off, they will feel uncomfortalbe, like they are being told off at school. The parent should step in though. They are there to look after the child, and that is not just giving them basic needs, it's ensuring they turn out to be nice adults. I'm not saying that children should not be disciplined - they should - but they should be told what is right, and if that is not enough, the parent should simply leave with them; it's not fair to disturb other people simply because some spoilt little child can't be bothered to think about the feelings of other people.

Do, not di! lOL

Do what I di, drop the bill on the offending parties table and walk out. I have done it many times and will continue to do so. I have also done this at the nail salon, that is MY relaxing time!

I need to do this next time I take my gf out to eat haha.

I have two of my own and have ripped them up by there scruff and dragged them out of resturants for less annoying behavior. I do not tolerate my little whelps bothering others nor will i tolerate entitlement parents to allow the same. F@!k that unacceptable, i do not like children, wish i never had them, but i still do my job just like my old man. You are right to be upset and deserve the common deciency of a nice meal especially since your paying for it. Im sick of our slowly failing culture we are in generational decline. "Their just kids" well then be parents and fix that trash.

I am 12 years old and have a 6 year old sister.I love her, but she does exactly the stuff in the post! I don't think my parents are very good ones as I went through major depression and tried to kill myself three times when I was just 10. Most of my classmates are horridly immature and/or prepubescent and I'm shocked at how entitled they are. They don't ever say sorry for little stuff like bumping into someone or splashing them.. i.e.

I'm sorry that your experience with obnoxious children has led you to belive all children are like that. You need to go up to the parent and tell her that her child needs to behave. kids just need to learn, and it's a shame that some parents can't handle telling their kids how to behave. They need to take charge.

Have you ever tried to walk up to parent(s) and tell them, politely, to control their crotch-fruit? It will get ugly.

Other than that, I agree with you.

You need a license or a permit to do almost anything nowdays. That's why most people are actually qualified to do the things that they do in life. You don't need anything to become a parent, apart from a working set of genitals and the will to do so. That's why most parents are awful at being parents, and why we end up hating the children, when, really, they're not the ones to blame. Simple as that.

I totally agree with the last 3 posts. That's exactly the type of kids I hate! However, it's the parents fault. For example, my dad forced me to learn manners. Whenever I didn't say please, no one passed it to me. Hen I didn't say thank you, he took it away. That's what parents need to do.

eurgh I agree too, I cannot stand parents who think they can just bring in their child and let the rest of the public suffer through tantrums and screams. Yuk. Have some consideration, no one wants to see and hear your child, no one gives a damn that aunty so-and-so thinks he is the most adorable thing to walk the earth, keep your child in a cage if they can't behave.

One of my friends constantly tells people to make their children behave in public when they are screaming or standing on the seat on the bus or running down the hall in the mall. You should *see* the glares she gets. Luckily, she doesn't care. Parent your kids and she won't have to tell you to. It's so frustrating that people think it's okay, or are too afraid to speak up to parents.<br />
<br />
'She's just a child'. Great, TEACH HER NOT TO DO THAT THEN. What the **** is wrong with people? This attitude that kids don't know any better so they should be excused for screaming and breaking **** and disrupting the lives of everyone around makes NO sense. When I was a kid and I broke something, my mom disciplined me for it *every* time. Yes I was 'just a child', but guess what? I STOPPED BREAKING ****. It's called 'learning to be a responsible and considerate person'.<br />
<br />
If you think that your child should be able to anything they please by virtue of being a stupid small person who doesn't know any better, you do not deserve to have them, and even more so do not deserve to be allowed in public with them. If you think that being a child entitles them to free reign, keep them home, where you are the only one it affects, and stop being such a selfish ****.<br />
<br />
I really hate parents sometimes.

i can understand the mentality--there are some things you shouldn't do around children.... or just public places if you have any shred or decency.<br />
<br />
but i don't understand the sense of entitlement. why should their children be allowed to run amok? why would they continue to let their children scream or wail when others are trying to have a peaceful, quiet evening? i hate parents who let their children get away with that almost as much as i hate children who annoy me.

So totally with you. Kids are evil.

I definitely understand where you are coming from . As a father of three and a ex that was belligerent . Taking the children out for dinner was horrify . The lazy _itch just never understood people were not interested in seeing the little nightmares .