I Love Them!!   I Am...

I love them!!   I am going to school to be an ECE, it's my job to love 'em
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You seem the perfect analogy for a donkey in a horse race.
I will however take it easy on you, seeing as your age group suggests you are little more than a child yourself.
In case you didn't notice, this is a thread for people who are sick and tired of having to tolerate other people's screaming brats. It is a place of sanctuary for the many of us who have no choice but to suffer them, whether we like it or not. In fact, this Christmas, like millions of others, I too will sadly have to endure three days of horror as I am surrounded by half a dozen selfish, screeching, violent, smelly creatures that I have no desire whatsoever to be anywhere near.
You have come to the wrong place. Either: 1) you already knew this, and you are being confrontational, or 2) you were too stupid to realise this when you stumbled upon the thread.
Now please kindly go away to a discussion forum that welcomes people who actually like children, rather than annoying those who wish to discuss such a subject with like-minded folk.

Then why the f are you here? You're not changing our minds.

Shoo ... you "child haters" can get uptight! So sad that you guys (figure of speech) just never endured love as children.

No, I assure you that I was very loved as a child. I just have no desire to be around children.

What I don't understand is: why our society fawns over children and their mothers? Humans are in no way going extinct -- so why are breeders and their crotchfruit so special?

Why did the OP post this in "the I hate children" group? I understand why children are not getting a good education -- the teachers are stupid. Posting "I LOVE CHILDREN...SQUEEL!!" in the "I hate children section" tells me this cow has no reading comprehension and shouldn't be teaching children.

Why do people who like children keep wandering in to the "I hate children group?" Stop it! Your insane ramblings are not going to change our feelings toward children.

Good, you love them and are probably working with them now. Do us all a favor, tell them that the world wants them to shut up already, no one wants to hear their nonsense unless it has to do letting older folks know how great it is to have us around and make sure they know there is nothing special about them at all. You can do this by showing them daily how stupid they really are. On that note, I wish you success with your job as an effing doormat.

Yeah, this is not the place for you then. I don't see why you would even post this...

Really go love them somewhere else for gods sake. There is precious little room in the world for us to vent as it is!

What the hell is this? Are you child-lovers trying to make us see the error of our ways or something? This group is called "I hate children" for crying out loud.