What I Get Into

This ain't so much a story as a rant. I have twins, their 13 now and live thank god with my ex. I met someone who is great and love her except for the annoying little brat she has. I've never met a " child " more lazy, disrespectful, annoying and down right defiant then hers. I, being the step father to be have to deal with this little rodent but don't get to set rules for her. I can't stand kids anyway but I love her so I have to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs all the time. Kids do not need to be seen or heard unless to send to school and feed. Then to bed and don't bother me again. God knows this is a horrible way to feel but I was raised to be respectful and follow rules or there was hell to pay. These days freaking rodents cry and get all they want or they call police and lie about things to get parents in trouble. Bring back the days of good old fasioned *** woopins and we'd find kids would listen for once. I hate em cause they ruin every relaxing moment, waste money, time , patients, and will to live. Now I know why my mother was always so pissed. " ME " This must be God revenge on my very selfish view of keep these rodents away from me. Please!!!!

IyaAveer IyaAveer
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 24, 2009