Well, Up Untill Now I Thought I Was A "freak"!

Wow! Ok, i have spent my entire 37 years (ok, maybe not the ENTIRE 37 years) thinking I was some kind of weirdo becuase I absolutlycannot stand children! And my family and friends make sure they remind me daily that I am "not normal". Whatever!

Im not sure when I decided I hated children. It might have been about the time I could no longer have a normal converstation with any of my friends and sisters without having to hear what "oh so adorable" thing their little angel did that day, or being told I have to watch my mouth becuase "little ears" camn hear me. Big whoop tee doo! I gaurantee your "little angel" will hear way more foul language than I could ever say byt he time they are 3, just from watching tv!

It also may have been when a old boyfriend of mine had his 5 year old son come live with us. All of the sudden sex was totally out of the question because the 'little angel" might hear us. I could no longer be comfortable in my own house, I had to make sure I was covered froim head to toe so the kid wouldnt get an eyefull. Oh, and my favorite part...the kid brought home every single cold, flu, and intestinal bug known to man and "shared" with me any chance he got. I also was delighted to learn that children lack any control whatsoever of their bodily functions and will, pee, poop, and vomit whenever, and wherever they happen to be at the time, white carpets or not.

I also have a hard time undertsnading why on Gods grean earth a person would want to put their body through something that will permanantly make it covered in ugly streach marks and boobs that hang to your belly button when you are on 25. Not to mention never having a decent sex life again because you have destroyed your hooha. All of that fun stuff so you can never have a decent nights sleep for the next 18 years, spend every hard earned dime on someone other than yourself, and having to wait untill you are 80 to retire becuase all of your hard earned savings go to the "little angels".

Do you know my sister has not bought herself new underware in 3 years because her "kids come first"? HELL NO! If I am going to spend my life working my *** off, I am going to buy myslef whatever I want, whenever I want. i am going to sleep when I want and I am going to weatr whatever the hell I feel comfrtable in my own house, even if that means I am going to walk around nekked!

On a side note, I do not dig spending $25 of my hard eraned cahs on a movie ticket, with popcorn, red vines, and a large diet cola (ya, I know), only to have to listen to the person behind me saying"stop it, do you want a time out? Sssshhhh..people are trying to watch the movie, and so on....all while the kid screams, cries and asks non stop qustions for 2 hours! Fo the love of Pete, people...leave the kid at home, or better yet, leave yourself at home!

moondove73 moondove73
1 Response Apr 2, 2010

Yay! Someone else is reasonable too! Children are indeed nothing more than small people full of snot and tears and noise. Not a single person has yet been able to tell me how and why having children is worth the pain, aggravation, expense, and hassle. I'm starting to suspect it really isn't worth it and they just don't want to admit it!