I Used to Love It!

I used to love chocolate, if ever anyone was stuck for buying me something for a special day or something they would buy me chocolate. But then one day I just couldn't stand the stuff and have been like this for quite a while now. I am thankful for it, because it caused me to lose two stone which just show how unhealthy chocolate is and I was. People call me a freak but if they don't want to know or understand it is their problem. One of my friends has seen the benefit of not eating chocolate, she wanted to see what it is like for people who do not eat chocolate and she is a lot healthier now. I don't mind people eating chocolate around me except for when they try to make me eat it, they don't understand that some people dislike it and it gets really annoying.

MelThompson MelThompson
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

aah I hate it when they're like "just try it!, come on!, a tiny bit!" >___>