Only Eaten 1 Candy Bar In My Life....

My mom didn't let me have sugar for the first 2 years that I was alive.  So, I never really developed a sweet tooth.  When I was younger, kids would think it was so weird that I didn't like chocolate. It would upset me when someone would confront me on this, because it made me feel as if I wasn't normal. But I couldn't help it... chocolate just wasn't appealing to me.

I remember in first grade, our teacher would give us a little treat if we got a 100 on a test.  The treat was either a gold fish cracker or an M&M.  I was the only kid in the class who wanted the gold fish.

I have only eaten 1 chocolate candy bar in my life, and that was partly by peer pressure in my senior year of high school and partly because I was hungry and there wasn't much else to eat at the time. The candy bar was OK, but it really didn't do anything for me.

I worked at a law firm a couple of years ago.  A client brought me a huge jar of chocolates, each individually wrapped.  It wasn't tempting to me at all. The jar just sat on my desk.  I never ate a single one, but my co-worker got one out of the jar daily.

Also, I remember that when I passed the bar exam, my employer gave me a box of chocolates.  It drove me nuts, because this was an example of steortyping.  People just figure that all women like chocolate.

OliviaHart OliviaHart
Mar 13, 2010