Christianity Isn't The Teachings Of Jesus.

I hate to break it to everyone. but Christianity wasn't written by Christ. very little is known of the actual teachings of Christ and the best sources we have for such things are the Gnostics.

Christianity isn't the religion of Jesus-it's a religion ABOUT Jesus, written by the apostle Paul, who took everything Jesus preached and flipped it on its head, allowing Christians to claim "Christ is compassionate! but I can be an *******!"

...and that's why it looks like it does.
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You are so right! do you know that Paul was excommunicated By James the brother of Jesus! Discovered in the Dead Sea scrolls , and being avoided by Christian religions!<br />
the Bible is exactly opposite to what Jesus taught!

yes. I know all of this.

Shine your light! Thank you!

Christ didn't write anything. Speaking and actions make more converts than writings. The writings come much later. But if you want to know more about first-century Christianity, read The Poem of the Man†God. I am posting them right here.<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

thankk you I really enjoy Poem of the man God! but i'm getting behind!

It really is a joy to read! Despite the great length, I feel I would miss it once I get to the end. And I would read it again. Because you can't quite fathom it all in one reading. Even though it's message is just one word: Love!

Christianity is the reworking of many other myths that were common in that region at that time.

it is teacher us what just some people feel is about god<br />
<br />
how can you trust a person that is saying one thing then you see down town in a bar trying to pick up a different lady or youhave to go start there car and they are hanging all over some body that is not the wife ther go to church with