The Search For Truth

It was always not to question God or the Bible,at least that is what i was taught! having been brought up in the days when Sunday School was a part of life!
Violence,hate abuse,drunken brawls... This was a part of my life,i grew up in fear as if i would not see adulthood. Yet i still did not view God as my Saviour.
It was the death of my parents and the handling of crash victims when i was a fireman,that made me seek God! And yes; I did, at least that is what i thought.! The promise of eternal life was exactly what i needed at that time. When you first become a believer , you are too much in it to stop and take stock of it all. It has taken years of praying and making pleas and requests all to no avail that has brought my faith to an end! I am in days of great need of Him and is not to be found! Yes, i may have sinned too much, but all of us do! If we read about this God, we read of a very much alive and loud God! HE was heard and seen,saved and killed! . BUT, if we stop to listen it is indeed deathly silent is it not? The truth is out, the missing links have arrived the earth has brought us the bones of creatures from millions of years ago! Places like Siccar Point on Scotlands east coast , has left a physical print of the parting of two land masses! It is as though you have arrived just after the event!!! And it took place millions of years ago!!! We must remember, God came into existence during the period of mans search as to why we live in such a world! It was a period of AWE , everything and all things became Gods and powers where the Sun the Moon,the Wind and countless of creatures and plants entered the race for the truth to life.It was the Israelites who took it a step too far. They invented an invisible God!? Why... because it brought all the powers together under the rule of one Mighty God!!! Who would dare challenge such a God as their God. You see, it is a road of delusion, mans imagination at his ignorance to the true facts of life...It has taken me a lifetime to come to my conclusion to why life is as it is. Truth hurts, and not many of us likes to admit it or face it at times! The Truth hit me like a fist in the face... Out there is a cosmos of planets and galaxies of immeasurable and countless dimensions and numbers... It is held together by magnetic fields and expanded by solar winds out of control meteorites... And no one is in charge it is a power of its own!!! We in the great scheme of things are but shadows and dust!!! I cannot hate a God who just does not exist at all, but we can hate this cold uncaring life, for that is what it is like out there.There is hope though, that even in humanity , there is those who show love and caring that  any God would be proud of....
soundthedrum soundthedrum
May 9, 2012