Spiritual Not Religious

My mother is a hard-rocking, born again religious fanatic. Having said that, she believes that ************ (which can make you 1.3 years younger due to the relieving of stress), anything that isn't gospel-related (don't see how Christian hip hop, rock, soul, jazz, and r & b is satanic), and anything with horns (have you actually seen a demon? If not, you cannot clarify it's appearance) are satanic. For something or someone to be considered satanic they have to somehow be interconnected with the Devil. It's not just satanic just by you falsely stating it is.

She ****** me off and I want nothing to do with her. She makes a fuss over going to church, shoves religion down my throat, bashes on homosexuals, wants everyone to believe in what she believes in, and thinks I am a fool for not being religious. I believe in God. And I believe in Christ. Just not the ones depicted in the Bible. Hopefully, I can further my studies in Taoism without her eating my *** in and out. I also do not believe in the type of Heaven depicted in the Bible. It's basically her way or no way. And when I use science and reason as a means of logic, she gets upset and says I am speaking negativity into the atmosphere. She says I am trying to change her views when all I want is for her to respect my beliefs and opinions. I appreciate and love her for raising me and hope to pay her back someday. I just don't appreciate her shoving her genocide religion down my throat.  

Bursting20 Bursting20
18-21, M
Jan 9, 2013